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Use the real value of your data

The recipe for success in a rapidly changing world is hidden in the data. Data is growing at a rapid pace, changing with each purchase, manufactured product, every click in the online store or every transaction. To improve sales, increase profits, strengthen customer loyalty or optimize processes, you have to use critical business data as soon as possible.

Using analytical and reporting tools that allow you to provide quick answers to your questions regardless of the amount of data today becomes a necessity, not just an innovation. Imagine that the managers in your company have immediate access to current information about products, sales value, potential customers, about every branch of the company, about every product, every cost. Imagine that you are able to predict in real time what will happen in the next few hours, days, months - e.g. how the change in the margin or price will affect your sales.

At BPX, we help you solve your complex business problems by using your data strategically with the help of the Qlik platform.

Why is it a good idea to cooperate with us?

Many years of experience

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Over 120 projects worldwide

Let your data speak for itself

All data in one place

Collect all data which was previously scattered all over the organization, regardless of its source. Qlik enables you to gather and combine data from any storage engine. The built-in functions of Qlik and a package of tailored connectors make it possible to collect data from:

  • Databases – through dedicated connectors or using ODBC/OLE DB standard;
  • Big Data sources – with Qlik Data Integration product line;
  • Social media and cloud sources – with dedicated connectors or REST connection;
  • Flat files –CSV and Excel files;

Analyze without limits

The patented technology of the Qlik Associative Engine enables you to analyze different sources without the necessity of manually creating queries. An intuitive drag and drop interface allows to modify and create new analyzes. Thanks to the Qlik Engine with in-memory technology, each data selection causes an automatic recalculation of all objects.

Make better decisions

Due to the use of Machine Learning algorithms, Qlik can also suggest new analyzes to the user, as it resorts to conclusions generated by an automatic analysis of the collected data. Thus, Qlik realizes and develops the idea of Augmented Intelligence which combines the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence with the analyst’s intuition and experience.

Analyze anywhere

The responsive Qlik Sense interface provides the means to analyze data on any device; computer screens, tablets, and cell phones. The report automatically fits them to the resolution of the device on which they are displayed. It does not matter whether you analyze data in your office or outside, since you have access to the same views all the time.

Planning and budgeting with Qlik Sense

K4 Analytics makes it possible to extend the platform’s capabilities into planning and budgeting. The module uses templates based on Excel spreadsheets and the interface is fully integrated with Qlik Sense, which makes it transparent for the end user. The data is stored in a SQL Server database. K4 Analytics provides the possibility to create complex workflow for budget versioning and acceptance. It is possible to use data from the budget implementation as a starting point for the budget in the following periods.

Make use of Qlik’s rich extension capabilities

Qlik features a broad range of additional modules and extensions in order to provide even better support for your company’s business processes:

  • embed entire reports or chosen KPI’s in your company’s websites or in the local intranet;
  • automatically send reports in Power Point, Word, Excel, or PDF format internally and outside of your organization thanks to Qlik Nprinting;
  • extend the reporting and visualizing possibilities with JavaScript extensions;
  • send intelligent alerts to cell phone (Android or iOS) or via email using Qlik Alerting extension.

Our statuses and awards

Elite Solution Provider

The highest possible status of partnership with Qlik - Elite Solution Provider

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Official specialization confirming competences and numerous projects implemented in the field of finance

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Official specialization confirming competences and many projects implemented in the Automotive, Industrial & Aerospace area

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Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your Qlik needs

Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your Qlik needs