Modular ERP system for your business

The most popular modular software in Poland for comprehensive management in companies and institutions.

About the product


Software for small-, medium- and large-sized companies.

enova365 is a modern and comprehensive ERP software tailored to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses.

The system, designed in accordance with technological innovations and proven trends, is the result of work by Polish experts who ensure continuous access to new features, updates, and improvements.

By choosing the enova365 app, the client gains:

  • Security

    Secure ERP software that enables effective integration with proprietary and external solutions through an open API.

  • Updates

    The system that is always consistent with current personnel, accounting, and economic regulations.

  • Support

    An extensive tool that provides support in multiple system areas: Payroll and HR, Finance and Accounting, Processes, Trade and Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Sales and CRM, Projects and Services, Production, and Properties.

  • Flexibility

    The system is flexible when it comes to choosing the purchasing model, depending on the needs. The enova365 software can be acquired through an ownership license or leased under a subscription model.

  • Language versions

    The software is available in three language versions: Polish, English, and Ukrainian.

  • Adjustment

    The enova365 system makes it possible to manage projects via almost any device used in the company.

enova365 user models

  • Standard optionClassic version

  • Multi optionWeb version

  • Android appMobile entrepreneur

  • Standard option

    Standard option

    The classic, window (Window Forms) versions addressed to the fans of a traditional interface.

  • Multi option

    Multi option

    The web (browser) version, for those who value working from anywhere. Dedicated to Windows, macOS and Chrome OS users.

  • Android app

    Android app

    Dedicated for mobile entrepreneurs, who often use smartphones with an installed Android OS.

We support the company in numerous fields of business

See what enova365 can do

Our competences

enova365 - ERP software created and developed by Polish experts that is tailored to individual demands.

  • Enova365 - competence


  • Enova365 - competence

    Project implementation

  • Enova365 - competence

    ERP system implementation

  • Enova365 - competence

    Strategic consulting

  • Enova365 - competence

    Post-implementation support and service

  • Enova365 - competence

    System development

  • Enova365 - competence

    Audits / Optimization

  • Enova365 - competence

    Dedicated software effort

What makes us different?

BPX S.A. – the leading provider of enova365 implementation services in Poland.

  • Partner

    The Authorized Soneta Partner for over 5 years

  • Implementation

    We comprehensively implement enova365 software in businesses.

  • Quality

    We provide high-quality system implementations for medium and large enterprises.

  • Services

    We offer services for organizations operating in various sectors and industries.

  • Qualifications

    We are highly qualified in Payroll and HR, Trade, Finance and Accounting, and Workflow.

  • Modules

    Depending on our client's needs, we deliver implementations of various modules.

  • Region

    We deliver solutions across the entire territory of Poland.

  • Team

    Our team consists of highly skilled experts who regularly participate in training provided by the manufacturer - Soneta.

  • Experts

    Each implementation project involves professionals with diverse competencies.

  • Awards

    We are proud recipients of the Debut of the Year and the IaaS Sales Leader award.

Explore enova365 tools

enova365 is an ERP system that merges the entire company. It analyses data and streamlines the operations of all departments. We are happy to present comprehensive software to manage, automate and digitize company processes.

  • enova365 areasManagement support

  • enova365 modulesAttention to detail

  • enova365 desktopsHR for Enterprises

  • Management support

    Management support

    Comprehensive enova365 services enable managing a company in an economic and modular manner. It means the possibility of selecting over 50 functionalities.

    See the solutions enova365 offers.

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  • Attention to detail

    Attention to detail

    For every area of your business to function correctly, enova365 has developed a number of modules. Each of them supports the operation of an entire company ecosystem. Learn about integration and holistic management using enova365 tools.

  • Smart tools for employee self-service

    Smart tools for employee self-service

    enova365 automates and streamlines HR processes. 24/7 access to employee desktops from any place and device - for managers, HR officers and employees.

    Efficient document flow is particularly important when organizing remote work.

Modules managed by enova365

Check out which areas of your business will be improved owing to our solutions.

  • HR and Payroll

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  • Finances and accounting

    Read more

  • Processes

    Read more

  • Trade

    Read more

  • Business Intelligence

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  • Sales and CRM

    Read more

  • Projects and services

    Read more

  • Manufacturing

    Read more

  • Properties

    Read more

  • Remote work

    Read more

  • Sales representative

    Read more

  • Business trips

    Read more

  • Fleet

    Read more

  • Hybrid work

    Read more

  • Invoices

    Read more

  • Tax ledger

    Read more

  • Sales ledger

    Read more

  • Inventory ledger

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  • Debt collection

    Read more

  • Workflow

    Read more

  • DMS

    Read more

  • Service

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  • Trainings

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  • Members

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  • Preview

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  • Analytical description – Activation

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  • Rental

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  • Estimate ESP

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Enova365 advantages

  • Enova365 - zalety

    Effective use of remote work

  • Enova365 - zalety

    Integration with other applications

  • Enova365 - zalety

    Easy expansion

  • Enova365 - zalety

    Software tailored to your needs

  • Enova365 - zalety

    Streamlined sales cycle

  • Enova365 - zalety

    Employee self-service

  • Enova365 - zalety

    Constant data access

  • Enova365 - zalety

    Faster information circulation time

How we operate?

  • Start of the project

  • Parameterization

  • Training and testing

  • Project acceptance

BPX & Soneta - authorized partnership


BPX S.A. is part of the Authorized Soneta Partners network, specializing in the comprehensive implementation of the enova365 ERP system in enterprises.

Wanting to provide the highest quality services to our Clients, we choose and cooperate only with the best partners on the market.

Soneta Sp. z o.o. is a Polish manufacturer of ERP systems for enterprise management – enova365 and TRIVA. It was the first business in Poland that shared a full ERP system in the cloud and enabled its clients to access it from multiple devices.

Currently, Soneta operates through a network of over 250 Authorized Partners in Poland.

By choosing the BPX S.A. company as the authorized Soneta Partner, the Client:

    • Can be sure that get comprehensive support during the entire implementation process.
    • Gains access to unique know-how and skills of the partner, that enables streamlining and development of the enterprise.
    • Receives free updates from the manufacturer within the warranty period.

Tasks of the authorized Soneta Partner include:

  • Conducting pre-implementation analysis, identifying needs, and proposing solutions to the Client

    Conducting pre-implementation analysis, identifying needs, and proposing solutions to the Client

  • Transparent pricing process of the entire service.

    Transparent pricing process of the entire service.

  • Effective implementation, expansion, and servicing of enova365, considering the client's individual needs.

    Effective implementation, expansion, and servicing of enova365, considering the client's individual needs.

  • Client training and support.

    Client training and support.

  • Indicating solutions for further development.

    Indicating solutions for further development.

  • Supporting the Soneta manufacturer in their activities

    Supporting the Soneta manufacturer in their activities

Discover our capabilities

  • 18+ years of experience

    Since 2006 we have been helping our clients implement and develop systems and applications that streamline business processes. Owing to our know-how, our Partners are able to fully utilize the technologies of the future.

  • 1000+ completed projects

    We approach each project individually. We employ technologies that improve the enterprise functioning and management. The joint implementation of each projects brings our clients closer to perfection in managing a modern organization.

  • 350+ employees

    We have an appropriate team of experiences and qualified experts in many fields. Consultants, analysts, programmers and PMs. We have been successfully implementing even the most complex projects that streamline the development of organizations around the world.

  • 50+ countries where we have carried out deployments

    Based on our unique skills, we implement innovative projects around the world. We conquer new markets and constantly enter new areas. A comprehensive approach allows us to ensure the development of companies from numerous industries and sectors.

See how we have helped clients around the world

See our Case Study examples, which show projects streamlining business processes and completed by our team.

  • Maspex
  • Sefran
  • Paradigm Precision
  • Jafar S.A.
  • Enea
  • Bakalland
  • Nestle
  • Deante
  • Eurocash
  • ZUS
  • Inpost
  • Polska Spółka Gazownictwa

See case studies

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Test enova365 software for free and indefinitely. Upon request, we provide a full demo of the program with all modules.

Our Proof of Concept allows you to test the capabilities of enova365 by solving a specific business problem presented by the client. Check if our ERP solution fits the specifics of your business. Test it in practice, not in theory. Comprehensive, professional, and lightning-fast.

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