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We provide comprehensive IT consulting for organizations of any size.


We specialize in ERP and BI system implementations at companies exhibiting every technological advancement level.

Development and optimization

We constantly strive for perfection. Improving already-implemented systems and applications is our advantage.

Application support

Our top-class specialists deal with substantive and technical supervision over applications


We make sure to always implement projects at the highest possible level, regardless of the company and project magnitude.


We are aware of the high qualifications our specialists have; therefore, we also enable companies to cooperate in the body leasing formula.

Our products

  • Sap

    SAP - Discover SAP capabilities

    SAP is a market-leading, multi-tasking, intelligent and comprehensive ERP-class solution. Flexibility and scalability combined with many years of experience among BPX experts, as well as proven technology, make SAP one of the IT solutions most frequently chosen by top-tier leaders in many industries.

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    SAP S/4HANA - The Future of Business Management

    Transitioning to SAP S/4HANA will provide your company with faster data processing, increased operational efficiency, greater flexibility and scalability or flexible screens.

    The indicated values are among the many benefits of the transformation to the new system version. However, migration is a complex process, requiring a great SAP knowledge and experience.

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  • Qlik

    QLIK - Complexity and intuitiveness

    Qlik’s complexity and intuitiveness facilitates business users to make key organization-related decisions based on visualizations, reports and advanced data analysis.

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  • Infor

    INFOR - Support and implementation

    Infor, one of the largest software providers in the world is a warrant of easy implementation, intuitive applications and a vast range of smart solutions.

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  • enova365

    ENOVA365 - Software for small-, medium- and large-sized companies

    ERP in line with current Polish HR, accounting and economic regulations. A system designed based on technological novelties and proven trends. 3 functional user models.

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  • Teta

    TETA - Teta for comprehensive HR services

    Teta is a software program for comprehensive HR Services in large companies, where handling all processes requires significantly more complex configuration. It is also perfect for multi-company enterprises.

    The self-service Teta ME app, employee have insight into their documents, rosters and are even able to submit various applications online.

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  • RGM

    RGM - Revenue Growth Management solutions

    We leverage 180 years of our expert combined experience in managing margins and optimizing trade activities (RGM - Revenue Growth Management).

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  • Power BI

    POWER BI - Find data clarity when you need it most

    Trust a renowned leader of the Business Intelligence industry, build your business based on secure data analysis, rely on one of the largest and fastest-growing cloud-based solutions supporting business analyses.

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  • Semarchy

    SEMARCHY - Deliver results. Act fast. Scale infinitely..

    Semarchy xDM is a platform - Data hub - that responds to company challenges in terms of Master Data Management, Application Data Management (ADM) and team data management, which enables centralizing information originating from various sources and systems.

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  • K4

    K4 - Smart forecasting

    K4 Analytics is a smart solution for planning, budgeting and forecasting. It can be integrated with the most powerful BI platforms in the industry, such as Power BI ®, Tableau, Qlik and Looker.

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  • Inphinity

    INPHINITY - Unlimited Active Intelligence possibilities

    IInphinity enhances workflow at any organization through helping in taking actions and making instant decisions, capturing data, followed by transformation to practical business insights. All thanks to Active Intelligence.

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  • Vizlib

    VIZLIB - Expand Qlik Sense dashboard capabilities

    Vizlib is the most powerful and comprehensive Qlik Sense visual analytics add-on.

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  • Tosca

    TOSCA - Automation profitable from the very first test

    Tricentis Tosca is one of the best and most popular tools delivering and expediting digital innovations, supported by AI for automated testing. It is perfect for SAP projects, as well as custom and cloud-based applications.

    RThe solution is intended for GUI functional tests, but also supports tests for numerous API protocols. It ensures quick and efficient testing and reporting with a lower risk, without the need for manual tests. The platform supports a full end-to-end test lifecycle, covering the entire app, data and business process environment.

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  • M&A

    M&A - Excellence in Mergers and Acquisitions

    In the world of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), those who are exceptionally well-prepared seize opportunities without delay.

    At BPX, we understand this and stand by our clients to achieve growth and profitability goals, ensuring success in the years ahead. The M&A process is a strategic step that allows companies to expand and strengthen their market position.

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BPX'S complementary portfolio of solutions

In our portfolio you will find a full spectrum of services and modern ERP and BI solutions in any business area within the framework of IT implementations.

Portfolio rozwiązań BPX

Check out proprietary BPX solutions:

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  • Maspex
  • Sefran
  • Paradigm Precision
  • Jafar S.A.
  • Enea
  • Bakalland
  • Nestle
  • Deante
  • Eurocash
  • ZUS
  • Inpost
  • Polska Spółka Gazownictwa

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Discover our capabilities

  • 18+ years of experience

    Since 2006 we have been helping our clients implement and develop systems and applications that streamline business processes. Owing to our know-how, our Partners are able to fully utilize the technologies of the future.

  • 1000+ completed projects

    We approach each project individually. We employ technologies that improve the enterprise functioning and management. The joint implementation of each projects brings our clients closer to perfection in managing a modern organization.

  • 350+ employees

    We have an appropriate team of experiences and qualified experts in many fields. Consultants, analysts, programmers and PMs. We have been successfully implementing even the most complex projects that streamline the development of organizations around the world.

  • 50+ countries where we have carried out deployments

    Based on our unique skills, we implement innovative projects around the world. We conquer new markets and constantly enter new areas. A comprehensive approach allows us to ensure the development of companies from numerous industries and sectors.

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