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About the product

Teta for comprehensive HR services

Teta is a software program for comprehensive HR Services in large companies, where handling all processes requires significantly more complex configuration. It is also perfect for multi-company enterprises.

The self-service Teta ME app, employee have insight into their documents, rosters and are even able to submit various applications online.


Teta offers all the functionalities that HR and payroll software programs available on the market have. What distinguishes it from the competition is the extensive analytical and self-service system that enables HR department officers to save significant amounts of time.

Furthermore, Teta offers employee appraisal and talent management options. It is particularly important when planning internal promotions and awarding employee bonuses.

This app is also appropriately protected, and its functionalities support controllers in meeting GDPR requirements. Owing to adequate privileges, it is possible to grant or remove access of specific employees to selected system elements.

Teta breakdown

Teta HR

Teta HR

Teta HR – a system for handling extensive HR and payroll.

Regularly updated in line with the latest regulations. It is also excellent for corporations that employ thousands of employees.

The application enables sending all GUS (Statistical Office) and ZUS (Social Security) declarations, certificates and operations from program level and designing individual and group working time calendars for various crews.

Teta also supports employee e-files, which enables significantly reducing the number of documents and minimize archive size.

TETA HR allows users to freely configure available modules. Its functionalities enable from settling employee matters one place.

Teta ME

Teta ME

TETA ME – an app for employees (Teta HR add-on).

With the help of TETA ME, an employee can check and correct personal data at any time by sending HR applications, download payslips, monitor schedules and send holiday requests.

Owing to a structured design, they are sent to a superior who accepts or rejects them. Decisions immediately go to Teta HR, where the HR department sees the ongoing changes regarding a given employee.

The app also allows to register domestic and foreign business trips, and submit advance payments, as well as record all costs incurred.

It is possible to download various documents, e.g., tax return forms, requested certificates, etc. from Teta ME.

How will Teta support your company

  • Unification

  • Digitization

  • Settlements

  • Availability

  • Support

  • Analyses

  • Unifies processes

    Unifies processes

    Appropriately unified processes enable secure and accurate document flow within a single application.

  • Digitizes


    E-files and employee access to e-applications enables reducing hard-copy documents.

  • Regulatory remuneration settlement

    Regulatory remuneration settlement

    Constant legal updates ensure that all remuneration components are in line with the applicable law.

  • Mobile access

    Mobile access

    Employee have insight into the latest information regarding their employment and work modes

  • Decision support

    Decision support

    The rapid transfer of employee-superior-HR data enables making decisions based on the most up-to-date data.

  • Advanced analyses

    Advanced analyses

    Teta offers an extensive reporting system that allows to extract information required to make crucial business decisions.

Our competences

Teta - ERP software created and developed by Polish experts that is tailored to individual demands.

  • Pre-implementation analysis

    Pre-implementation analysis

  • Comprehensive implementation plan and schedule

    Comprehensive implementation plan and schedule

  • Project implementation under the watchful eye of a dedicated PM

    Project implementation under the watchful eye of a dedicated PM

  • Content-related and technical consultations

    Content-related and technical consultations

  • Production and final tests

    Production and final tests

  • End-user employee and administrator training

    End-user employee and administrator training

  • Post-implementation and hot-line support

    Post-implementation and hot-line support

  • Permanent application access and expansion options

    Permanent application access and expansion options

Teta HR - korzyści

See the benefits of TETA HR

See what an integrated tool for managing hard and soft HR processes can do.

Choose an innovative HR system

Discover the advantages of the TETA system for processing and analysing personal data:

  • Automated HR processes

    Automated HR processes

  • Electronic document flow

    Electronic document flow

  • Updates of legal changes

    Updates of legal changes

Discover the benefits of implementing a Teta solution

  • Streamlined processes and faster HR department working time

    Streamlined processes and faster HR department working time

  • Higher task execution quality

    Higher task execution quality

  • Improved information flow in the company

    Improved information flow in the company

  • Permanent preview and document analysis feature

    Permanent preview and document analysis feature

  • Rapid and flexible reporting

    Rapid and flexible reporting

  • Mobile employee processing platform

    Mobile employee processing platform

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ELITE Partnership Level for 2024. This distinction highlights the special quality of our services, and the indicated status is awarded only to partner companies that maintain the required standards, in accordance with UNIT4 certification.

Our awards granted by the Unit4 Partner

Together with Unit4 Teta, we shape the business future and change the HR and accounting world by implementing digital transformation solutions. We strongly believe that only teamwork and partnership will allow us to provide the best quality services, as evidenced by our awards given by Unit4. We can boast of winning the prize in the category – the greatest growth in sales of Unit4 solutions for new clients for 2023, and also getting two prestigious titles: Premier Commercial Partner’24 and Elite Teta Services Partner’24. The granted accreditation clearly highlights the high quality of our services in the Teta system implementation, and it provides comprehensive support based on the extensive experience and complete knowledge of our skilled consultants.

HR Teta AIR system - cloud-based app

Take advantage of the possibility to run the TETA HR system in a SaaS (Software as Service) model.

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  • 18+ years of experience

    Since 2006 we have been helping our clients implement and develop systems and applications that streamline business processes. Owing to our know-how, our Partners are able to fully utilize the technologies of the future.

  • 1000+ completed projects

    We approach each project individually. We employ technologies that improve the enterprise functioning and management. The joint implementation of each projects brings our clients closer to perfection in managing a modern organization.

  • 350+ employees

    We have an appropriate team of experiences and qualified experts in many fields. Consultants, analysts, programmers and PMs. We have been successfully implementing even the most complex projects that streamline the development of organizations around the world.

  • 50+ countries where we have carried out deployments

    Based on our unique skills, we implement innovative projects around the world. We conquer new markets and constantly enter new areas. A comprehensive approach allows us to ensure the development of companies from numerous industries and sectors.

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  • Bakalland
  • Nestle
  • Deante
  • Eurocash
  • ZUS
  • Inpost
  • Polska Spółka Gazownictwa

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