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Excellence in Trade Optimization

Optimizing Revenue Potential in CPG

Visualfabriq enables leaders in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry making the best decisions to drive profitable revenue growth, based on a reliable outlook.

At the same time, the software as a service (SaaS) frees up the time of commercial teams to take data-driven actions that make the difference.

A Reliable and Proven Partner

We are proud to be the longest cooperating Partner of Visualfabriq, known as reliable providers of successful Revenue Growth Management projects. Our extensive history of cooperation, spanning nearly a decade, demonstrates our proficiency in successfully implementing and selling Visualfabriq solutions.

As Partners, we are prepared to provide comprehensive support at every stage, from needs analysis to implementation, customization, testing and training.

As Partners, we are prepared to provide comprehensive service
at every stage

  • Customer needs analysis

  • Implementation

  • Adaptation

  • Testing

  • Trainings

Key Benefits of Partnering with BPX

  • Longest History of Collaboration

  • Experts in Your Team

  • Knowledge of Visualfabriq and SAP

  • TPM and ERP Integration as One Cohesive Team

  • Business Process Knowledge

  • Optimization Methodology

  • Longest History of Collaboration

    Longest History of Collaboration

    Our long standing relationship with Visualfabriq provides us with unique experience and insights into their solutions.

  • Experts in Your Team

    Experts in Your Team

    Our specialists work both with us and at Visualfabriq, providing us with uique knowledge and facilitating effective integration.

  • Knowledge of Visualfabriq and SAP

    Knowledge of Visualfabriq and SAP

    We possess deep expertise in both Visualfabriq solutions, including Revenue Forecasting and Optimization, and SAP systems, enabling us to offer comprehensive support.

  • TPM and ERP Integration as One Cohesive Team

    TPM and ERP Integration as One Cohesive Team

    We are capable of delivering integration services for Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and ERP systems as a unified team.

  • Business Process Knowledge

    Business Process Knowledge

    Our understanding of business processes allows us to deliver solutions tailored to your unique needs.

  • Optimization Methodology

    Optimization Methodology

    We employ a proven process improvement methodology that translates into savings and efficiency gains.

Our Achievements

20 Visualfabriq Implementation Projects

Our experienced consultants have successfully completed 20 implementation projects, demonstrating our competence.

Largest Resource of Specialists

We have a team of dozens specialists in various roles, including functional leader, functional manager, technical consultant and many others.

Most Solutions Delivered

We are leaders in delivering the largest number of solutions among other partners.

First and Longest Cooperating Partner

We are the first and longest cooperating Visualfabriq Partner.

Visualfabriq about BPX

BPX is one of the first companies to believe in Visualfabriq.

We recognize BPX as a reliable Visualfabriq Partner with extensive experience in trade optimization resulting in successful Visualfabriq projects throughout global CPG companies.

Their specific deep SAP integration expertise helps to successfully connect Visualfabriq BIFROST with SAP S/4HANA.

Koen Matthijs

CEO, Visualfabriq

We create inspiring business success stories!

We provide comprehensive implementations with Visualfabriq support and a deep understanding of business strategies.

As a Visualfabriq Partner, we deliver the products, while BPX offers implementation services. Since 2006, we have completed over 1000 projects, gaining valuable experience and transforming our Clients into industry leaders.

Join us and create your own success story!

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