We help!

CSR activities are a very important area, while being an integral element of business organizational culture at BPX.

Why do we help?

Helping is a part of our everyday lives, which is why we are eagerly getting involved in charity and social campaigns.

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    We promote knowledge and awareness on people with an autism spectrum disorder.

  • BPX S.A. - we help

    We are happy to engage in corporate campaigns and employee volunteering.

  • BPX S.A. - we help

    We support local campaigns initiated by our employees, e.g., donation collections for shelters.

Small initiatives, great support

We regularly organize periodic fundraisers to support the local community and regional centers. The campaigns are organized in our offices in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Katowice and focus on collecting needed goods.


    The Wellbeing team is behind the year-long “Budujemy Dom na Zawsze” (Constructing a Home for Forever) campaign.
    Its main objective is constructing a day centre for adults with an autism spectrum disorder and a “Home for Forever”, where they will live and work.

    Today, after reaching the age of 24, the support system for people with disabilities has no offer of care and a dignified life for them. We are spreading the knowledge about autism spectrum disorders, while encouraging you to support the collection at https://www.siepomaga.pl/przyladek-dom-na-zawsze.

    In blue for autism


    The World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated on April, 2. “In blue for autism” is our annual social campaign, when over the course of an entire month we want to educate and encourage everyone to show their support for people with an autism spectrum disorder.
    We believe that every gesture and action contribute to greater social awareness and sensitivity, and thus - tolerance, that we need so much today.

    Kilometry dla przylądka



    Kilometers for Przyladek

    Since 2021, as the initiator of the action and strategic sponsor, we have been actively supporting "Kilometers for Przyladek", organized by the Better Start Foundation. Every year, throughout the month of May, we collect kilometers, take care of our good shape and well-being and HELP at the same time. We convert all collected kilometers into zlotys, which results in real support for the foundation's charges.

    Fundraiser for pets

    We also support other, smaller, local and grassroot activities by our colleagues.

    World Animal Day, in turn, was the incentive to create another fundraiser and provide essentials to local shelters.

    This enabled delivering food, cleaning products and other required products for dogs and cats to animal shelters in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Bytom.

    Autumn closet airing

    'Autumn closet airing' was an initiative in which we collected clothes for the homeless and together with an art studio, any recyclable materials that our charges from "Przylądek" elementary school for children with autism can give a second life.

    Blood Donation Awareness Week

    We also organized Blood Donation Awareness Week to promote blood donation and related issues. BPX employees received a special guide with a set of questions and answers, explaining who, when and how to become a volunteer donor.


    Proper prevention, systematic check-ups and regular intimate health control are important activities, thanks to which we can prevent the occurence or development of many dangerous diseases. 'Movember' is a special month of raising men's awareness about prevention options and the dangers of late detection of genitourinary system diseases.

    Like around the world, at BPX we have also taken the initiative and organized a special contest. Men will grow mustaches throughout November as a sign of solidarity and the fight against all diseases affecting intimate health. The entire company is involved in the campaign, and once the contest is over, the winners will receive special prizes and awards.


Continuous support for the “Lepszy Start” (Better Start) Foundation and the Non-public Primary School for children with autism spectrum disorders “Przyladek” in Parzeniewo have been embedded in our corporate DNA for years. We are actively involved in aid campaigns for people with an autism spectrum disorder.

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    Non-public Primary School for children with autism spectrum disorders “Przyladek”

  • BPX S.A. - pomagamy

    “Lepszy Start” (Better Start) Foundation

  • BPX S.A. - pomagamy

    Home for Forever Przylądek


We care about well-being and appropriate work-life balance.

A dedicated Wellbeing team guarantees positive moods at BPX every day. Together we celebrate such occasions as Women’s Day and Boy’s Day, and the less popular albeit equally enjoyable Dog, Cat, Chocolate, Pizza and Sushi Days, and much more! We also actively participate in international and nationwide campaigns of preventive examinations for women and men.

We also actively participate in international and nationwide campaigns of preventive examinations for women and men.

We grow moustache for Movember (hold your horses, only the male part of the team ;P), we educate ourselves on important health-related topics, organize regular webinars with a psychologist and are not afraid to talk about emotions.

We play “Board games at night”, go out to team meetings, every summer we go for a weekend-long company retreat that is full of attractions, and in the winter, we celebrate the Christmas season together during our year-wrap up meeting.

  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing
  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing
  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing


Check out the most interesting publications on our charity initiatives.

We were appreciated

We became the winner of the XVIII Central stage of the LODOŁAMACZE competition and were awarded first place in the "Healthy Company" category. The Foundation of the Professional Activation of People with Disabilities organized an event to honor employers who are sensitive and socially responsible

From heart for the heart

"50 Business Personalities"

BPX CEO Bogusław Cieślak and his wife Irena Cieślak were featured in the book "50 Business Personalities", where they present a little more closely the undertakings to support the wards of the "Przylądek" elementary school, "Przylądek" Forever Home and the challenges of the initiatives discussed. The book is a part of a charity project for the Zbigniew Religa Foundation.


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