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Your banking command center directly in SAP

Meet Banking eXcellence and manage your company's finances from one place.

Banking eXcellence

The bridge between SAP ERP and e-banking.

You no longer need to switch between online banking and a financial and accounting / ERP system.

Banking eXcellence is an innovative solution that allows you to complete the payment process entirely in your company's SAP system, without logging into the bank.

Banking eXcellence Cockpits

The bridge between SAP ERP and e-banking. Our proprietary solution, developed by BPX programmers and consultants, allows you to manage the entire payment process of your company from one place.

Payment Cockpit

The payment cockpit fills the gap in the integration between the accounting and financial system and the bank. Contrary to the standard process of settling liabilities using the SAP ERP system, our solution enables full automation and acceleration of the payment process, thanks to which the process of performing banking operations is simple and quick to use.

The process of data transmission is initiated in the SAP system, starting from generating the payment and ending with the authorization of transfers and receipt of confirmation of their execution. By using the Banking eXcellence Cockpit, you no longer need to log into multiple banking platforms and manually import files. The elimination of time-consuming manual activities from the process reduces the time that accountants spend on handling payments to the necessary minimum.

Bank Statement Cockpit

As part of the Banking eXcellence solution, together with the payment cockpit, we also provide a statement cockpit. It allows you to automatically download and manage bank statements through the Web Service. The tool also allows you to save bank statements in the PDF format on the SAP server.

Banking eXcellence bank statements cockpit allows you to download daily and intraday statements. This is done fully automatically, without the need for user intervention, at times defined by the system administrator.

The solution ensures the posting of intraday statements and the subsequent elimination of such transactions from double-posting in the daily statement. This is of particular importance for the operation of the credit control team, as it enables the release of credit blocks faster than at the beginning of the next day, which translates into improved sales processes in the company. The Banking eXcellence statement cockpit allows you to check the booking status of all bank statements in one place, and in the absence of any, it shows information about the lack of a statement.

Your command center directly from SAP

You no longer have to switch between online banking and the financial and accounting system / ERP.

Benefits of Banking eXcellence -
A Solution Customized to Your Needs!

  • Save time and money with a more user-friendly approach compared to traditional methods.

  • Choose according to your preferences - license or subscription.

  • No need for an additional package to execute SWIFT transfers - save even more!

  • Authorization with signatures in SAP, rather than in a bank application/external provider - gain more control.

With BPX Banking eXcellence, you get much more:

  • You know more

    Upload your intraday statement and don't worry about missing information.

  • You gain certainty

    Check the status of your transfer at any time - gain certainty.

  • You control expenses

    Check your current account balance with a comparison of planned transfers - control your expenses.

  • You save time

    Automatically define a transfer in case of insufficient funds - don't waste time.

  • You maintain flexibility

    Withdraw authorization for individual transfers (not just batches) - maintain flexibility


Use the BPX Banking eXcellence
solution and complete the payment process from a single cockpit

Banking eXcellence in 5 easy steps

  • SAP

    Possibility of making transfers directly from SAP

  • 2.

    Authorization of transfers in SAP
    (in accordance with the authorization at the bank)

  • 3.

    Display and monitoring of transfer statuses

  • $

    Information about the current account balance

  • 5.

    Downloading statements

How does it work?

The most important functionalities provided
by Banking eXcellence include:

Possibility of making transfers directly from SAP

Authorization of transfers in SAP
(in accordance with the authorization at the bank)

Payment acceptance workflow

Display and monitoring of transfer statuses

Information about the current account balance

Downloading statements

Flexible, collective payment report

Benefits for your company:

Shorter transfer
processing time

Automatic real-time
data exchange
with banks

Transparency and control
over the process
of settling liabilities

Easy-to-use interface


Security of
data exchange

Lowering of transaction costs

High data quality
thanks to the reduction
of error risk

The Banking eXcellence cockpit will work especially well in companies that:

Use multiple bank accounts.

Have a large volume of transactions, which is too time-consuming to manage from the level of the banking application.

Do not have a central panel with information about each completed transfer.

Need immediate information on inflows to bank accounts.

We work with the best

The implementation process in your company.

We work with the best and share our know-how with banks such as: ING Polska, PKO BP, Bank Pekao SA, Santander Bank Polska, Citibank, BNP Paribas or Bank Millennium, and the offer of banks supported by our solution is constantly expanding.

Thanks to the Banking eXcellence solution, our long-standing expertise and proven standards of cooperation with banks, we are able to carry out the entire implementation process within 4 weeks from starting work.

Banking eXcellence

We attach great importance to ensuring that our solution offers the highest quality and is developed with the benefit of and taking into account the needs of our customers.

The solution is available as part of a monthly subscription, thanks to which all new functionalities are delivered without the need to pay additional fees.

Take advantage of
Banking eXcellence in
your company!

  • 1

    Contact our

  • 2

    We will analyze
    the needs of your company
    and propose a comprehensive solution

  • 3

    We will build an action
    plan taking into
    account all elements
    of cooperation

  • 4

    We will sign a contract

  • 5

    We act and your company
    benefits from Banking eXcellence!

Users appreciate Banking eXcellence

  • How do you generally rate the Banking eXcellence cockpit?

    How do you rate the ease of use of the Banking eXcellence cockpit?

    Is the Banking eXcellence cockpit useful in your daily work?

    How do you generally rate your cooperation with our company?

    What is the most important feature of the Banking eXcellence cockpit from your perspective?

    "Simplifying work by eliminating the need to log in to banks for payment package imports."

  • How do you generally rate the Banking eXcellence cockpit?

    How do you rate the ease of use of the Banking eXcellence cockpit?

    Is the Banking eXcellence cockpit useful in your daily work?

    How do you generally rate your cooperation with our company?

    What is the most important feature of the Banking eXcellence cockpit from your perspective?

    "The ability to sign documents within SAP, eliminating the need to log in to banks for package imports."

  • How do you generally rate the Banking eXcellence cockpit?

    How do you rate the ease of use of the Banking eXcellence cockpit?

    Is the Banking eXcellence cockpit useful in your daily work?

    How do you generally rate your cooperation with our company?

    What is the most important feature of the Banking eXcellence cockpit from your perspective?

    "The ability to sign and send orders in one place for multiple banks and companies."

Banking eXcellence cockpit features

The purpose of the Banking eXcellence cockpit is to get a quick insight into transfers that are made in the enterprise.

Banking eXcellence provides an overview of all transfers in not only a micro but also a macro scale, dividing them into larger functional groups, e.g., all transfers from a given day on a given account.

Thanks to this, the company can have a quick insight into all planned inflows and outflows realized from the SAP system level.

The solution enables integration with external ERP systems, thus the user gains one place from which it is possible to manage all the company’s payments. The dashboard provides quick information needed to communicate with customers, e.g., checking the status of a transfer.

Level 1 functionalities
  • displaying basic information about the course of payment,
  • creating a payment medium,
  • authorization of the payment for execution,
  • signing the payment,
  • payment rejection,
  • activation of the mass payment functionality and change of the title of the mass package,
  • sending a payment to bank,
  • payment status display,
  • displaying return messages from the bank.
Level 2 functionalities
  • displaying all items from the selected payment group,
  • displaying basic data of a single payment,
  • changing of the title of a single payment,
  • downloading a bank payment confirmation in PDF format.
Level 3 functionalities
  • displaying all documents that make up a given payment,
  • displaying basic data of a single payment,
  • change of the title of a single payment,
  • the possibility of a smooth transition from the cockpit directly to displaying the details of a single document included in the payment.

Additional features

In addition, the Banking eXcellence cockpit allows you to reverse a single transfer without having to reverse the entire package.

From the cockpit level, it is possible to manually change the transfer title or the entire transfer package, which is especially useful for payroll payments and not available as standard in the system.

What else does your gain?


The encrypted SSL communication channel and the electronic signature used to confirm transfers guarantee your company the highest level of security of the data transmitted between the SAP system and the bank. Banking eXcellence also has a mechanism that prevents multiple sending of the same transfers to the bank.

The advantage of the solution is the possibility of authorization, i.e., signing each transfer with a qualified or unqualified signature by authorized users, directly from the SAP system level and without the need to log into online banking. Data on each transfer is displayed on 3 levels, from a general list of all transfers to the most detailed display of individual documents.


The great strength of the entire solution is also the flexibility that characterizes the entire Banking eXcellence solution. Persons authorized to place qualified signatures can authorize transfers from the level of SAP itself, without the need to authorize them via the banking platform.

Finally, authorized transfers can reach your bank with just one click. From the Banking eXcellence cockpit, we can also see whether our transfer has already been processed, rejected, or is still awaiting execution – so there is no need to log into the bank regularly to supervise the current stage of their implementation.

Real-time data processing

Real-time data exchange is possible via the Banking eXcellence payment cockpit. The data is refreshed in the background without any delays – the user always sees up-to-date information on the available account balance and the status of each transfer.

Monitoring of transfer statuses

Banking eXcellence guarantees full information about the payment process by means of updated statuses of each payment. The user is informed at every stage of the transfer about its processing status:

  • Sending to the bank – successful or information about errors,
  • Execution status in the bank – e.g., pending authorization, transfer in progress, transfer completed, transfer rejected with the reason for rejection.
Account balance information

Banking eXcellence allows you to check the currently available balance on your bank account. This information is displayed both in the standard SAP automatic payment program and in the cockpit.

Thanks to it, the user is able to compare the planned transfers with the available balance on the bank account and react in the event of not sufficient funds on the account.

Easy-to-use interface

The solution in unified manner shows all the aforementioned banking functions in one place, regardless of the bank where the transaction is carried out. Anyone who has used the services of several banks at the same time knows how different in terms of intuition banking platforms can be and how long it can take to find the function that is of interests to us. Using the tool is intuitive and will not be difficult for any employee.


Installation and configuration

The application is compatible with the SAP system in the ECC 6.0 version with each EHP level, as well as with each version of the SAP S/4HANA system (it is possible to adapt it to other versions of the SAP system). We provide an installation package for uploading to the SAP system to the customer.

Installing the application does not introduce any changes to the functioning of standard solutions and programs provided by SAP. For the proper functioning of the application, it is required to adapt the payment format in accordance with ISO XML 20022 version.

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