The audit of an existing installation – QlikView or Qlik Sense. The aim of the audit is the analysis of the current installation’s parameters and the creation of the report from the audit, which aims at determination of directions for improvements and the development of installation.

The elements that are subjected to analysis:

The technical condition of the current installation

  • Software versions
  • Environmental performance confirmed by automatic tests
  • The use of extension and additional products
  • Interaction with other systems

Status application

  • Assessment of the performance and correctness of the data models used in applications
  • Analysis of existing objects and calculation in the visualization layer

The organization of data

  • Analysis of the existing method for reading, transformation and data storage (ETL process)
  • Analysis of the applied structures, the organization of the change management process and transfer from dev/test environments

Degree of protection for installation

  • Analysis of the applied protections and possible gaps
  • The analysis of the backup process and the ability to restore the environment after failure

The final report includes recommendations to all functional elements of the installation in the following range:

  • Improvement of the existing problems
  • Expansion of the technical infrastructure (and also update of the existing components)
  • Improvement of the existing models of and the anticipated effect
  • Improvement of the existing visualization and calculations
  • Implementation of additional protections in the event of a failure
  • Modification of the ETL process
  • Description and implementation of the change control process and transfer to the production environment

The report is transmitted in the form of a document to the client after the completion of works. After its acceptance, BPX consultants may (in the next phase) implement changes or client can implement recommendations on his own.

Support and development

BPX offers comprehensive customer service in the form of the Service Level Agreement – i.e. a support agreement that guarantees a harmonious development and daily maintenance of applications by consultants with many years of experience.

Along with the agreement, the client receives an access to the help desk system of BPX. Within the framework of the agreement, BPX provides:

  • Support in the maintenance of installation (also in the process of restoration of the production environment after failure)
  • It ensures updates and stability for all components
  • Analysis and repair of errors in data and Qlik applications
  • Support for development orders in relation to existing applications and the construction of new reports
  • Management of testing and production environments, as well as the process of starting new versions of reports
  • Organization of workshop meetings, support in the process related to the development of applications

Each SLA agreements is supported by a dedicated consultant, who is designated to cooperate with the client.

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