Strategic Data Connectors - BPX

BPX Strategic Data
Connectors (SDC)

Quick and efficient integration between SAP and RGM tools.


Strategic Data Connectors is a ready-made Plug-and-Play solution for RGM – SAP integration.

This unique portfolio of SAP-specific features “out of the box” features enables quick and easy data integration between SAP and any RGM applications.

Now you can finally have all company data in one place and put the focus on what matters most – in strategic planning of your promotional activities.

Benefits for your company


Primary functions ready after 8-12 weeks since project start – while taking "traditional" integration functions – might take between 7 and 12 months to complete.


Flexible implementations time shorten up to 40% of time required for your Rollout Programme.


Interface and post accrual data to 4 times faster than standard SAP integration solution.


Transfer of sales actuals and reporting up to 9 times faster.


Transfer of functional data (e.g.: customer pricing, master data elements) up to 15 times faster.


Pricing data extract 17 times faster.


Payment posting 3 times faster.


Out-of-the-box solutions, that can save up 8 months required to develop just the key integration modules.

How it works

Thanks to our expertise and years of experience we can provide the best foundation for RGM integration and IT solutions, resulting in significant improvements in the reliability and performance of data exchange.

We are making sure our tools address the most painful challenges that RGM integration projects introduce. Through our partnering with global providers of leading SaaS solutions we can openly say - we’ve got the RGM processes covered end-to-end .

Discover more benefits:

  • Reliable integration of data and systems
  • Real-time data processing
  • Regularly refreshed data that reflects the latest market dynamics
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Customizable features for your company's requirements
  • Reducing the impact on IT resource requirements in your organization
  • Visibly faster delivering RGM tools to the business compared to the "traditional" integration project methodology

RGM journey
with BPX

Prioritizing Revenue Growth Management is the key if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition and be ready for unexpected market changes. Be sure why BPX is the best RGM partner for your business and learn more about our dedicated solutions.

Strengths of bpx RGM solutions

  • Re-usable

    Our tools can be installed on any instance of Client's SAP and configured to specific needs of selected organization or SaaS RGM application, with minimum impact on global system landscape.

  • Scalable

    Once installed our modules can be easily rolled-out to as many reliable markets as required through flexible dedicated configuration – minimizing risk and effort of additional developments during even the largest Rollout Programme.

  • Robust

    Designed with use of modern integration technologies, like web-services and optimized to handle large data without high performance impact.

  • Reliable

    Built with years of RGM experience in mind to avoid the more and less usual integration problems - every application is equipped with additional support features as well as reconciliation capabilities when necessary.

Components of RGM-ERP integration

Integrated finacial features

  • Accrual FI Posting

  • Prepayments

  • Coupons

  • Write offs (small and aged)

  • Integration with Dispute

  • Corrections / Negations

  • Vendor Payment FI Posting

  • Payment and Claim FI Posting

BPX Revenue Management
Solutions team

  • Experience and deep consulting expertise

    Team of 40 + RGM specialists: architects, developers and project managers.

  • Cooperation with the biggest CPG companies

    Delivering global integration programs.

  • Combined insights from our partnering

    With leading SaaS RGM / TPM applications.

BPX in a nutshell

BPX is a global consulting company with over 15 years of expierience, which provides tools and services focused on overall financial and organizational efficiency improvment by implementing SAP and BI solutions in all business areas.

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