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HR Vizion Pro

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About the application

The BPX - HR Vizion Pro application is an innovative tool dedicated to HR departments, which allows one to discover the full potential of collected HR and payroll data.

This advanced application, combined with the Business Intelligence/Qlik Sense tool, provides extraordinary opportunities for visualization and intelligent use of information, contributing to improving the efficiency of HR departments and supporting strategic decision-making in the company.

What does the app offer?

Turn your data into valuable knowledge in one place.

Our flexible dashboards provide you with a complete picture of the situation.

Use our cutting-edge app and analyze:

  • Recruitment and employment

  • Salaries

  • Benefits

  • Holidays

  • Promotion

  • Career paths

  • Rotation

  • Training needs

These are several functional areas on which you can focus on:

  • Analyze data concerning the recruitment process, employment structure, staff turnover, and employment rates.
    You can identify high rotation areas and take action to keep valuable employees in the company.
  • Analyze data regarding salaries, benefices, and compensation benefits packages.
    Compare salaries between various employers’ groups, departments, or regions to ensure balance and competitiveness on the market.
  • Discover trends and training needs, and identify employees who demonstrating high development potential.
    Monitor the efficiency of training programs. You can also compare the training results of employees and evaluate their influence on company development.
  • Analyze data regarding promotion, career paths, and career development. You can also identify high-potential employees for upgrade.
    You can analyze factors affecting success in advancements. This allows you to create a strategy for managerial staff development and keep talented employees.
  • Monitor employees’ rotation indicators and job quitting reasons, and analyze retention trends.
    You can identify high rotation areas and take action to keep key employees in the company.
  • And others suited to your individual requirements.

More about Qlik

A guide to choosing an analytics platform for HR: Explore key factors that provide you your company's success.

The HR Vizion Pro application

Discover powerful analytical tools for HR that help you make conscious decisions about human resources management. Integrate them with your ERP HR or HCM system.

Enjoy comprehensive support for both hard HR - payroll management, employment, holidays, and soft HR - recruitment, training, or development plans. Collect and analyze huge amounts of data regarding employees and discover patterns and predict behaviors to manage the team even more efficiently.

Thanks to HR Vizion Pro, you can make decisions based on strong evidence and create an even stronger organization.

Benefits of HR Vizion Pro for a client:

All your HR data, regardless of its source, are gathered in one place. This facilitates managing data and saves time. You don’t have to search many systems and files to find needed information.

Using HR Vizion Pro, you save time and increase work performance. The simplicity of data analysis allows you to get needed information qickly and focus on making strategic decisions.

HR Vizion Pro offers a flexible solution that can be fitting into your individual needs. You can choose preferred data sources and different colors of charts, and therefore you can adjust their appearance to your preferences.

HR Vizion Pro is a scalable tool that is growing together with your needs. Regardless of your company size, you can easily adapt the system to an increasing number of employees and expand the analyzed data scope to meet the developing organization demands.

Due to intuitive and user-friendly interface, using the HR Vizion Pro app is easy and pleasant. Regardless of your technical skills, you learn the system and start to benefit from available functions pretty fast.

Thanks to advanced HR Vizion Pro analytical tools, you can raise the level of detail and analyze HR and payroll data carefully. You’ll discover hidden patterns, trends, and dependencies, so that you make even more accurate and conscious decisions.

The HR Vizion Pro app ensures data management convenience. The intuitive interface and friendly navigation make you easily find yourself in the system and get to the needed information quickly. Moreover, we take care of your data security, providing you with appropriate protection.

HR Vizion Pro automates the process of HR and payroll reports creation. As a result, you save time and effort, and eliminate risk of errors related to manually data processing. Reports are generated automatically, which allows you to focus on result analysis and making decisions.

Using HR Vizion Pro, you relieve your source systems. Data is consolidated and stored on a dedicated platform, ensuring smooth running of your main HR system and quick access to needed information.

HR Vizion Pro makes it possible to export data to diverse formats, such as Excel, PDF, or CSV files. As a consequence, you can easily share information with coworkers or use data in other tools and apps.

HR Vizion Pro is a flexible solution which effortlessly integrates with other HR and payroll systems, such as HR management system (HRMS) or payroll module. You can easily synchronize data and use HR Vizion Pro functions together with existing systems.

HR Vizion Pro offers an automated data refresh function so that you always have access to up-to-date information. You don’t need to update data manually, as the app downloads and refreshes data from different sources. Therefore, you can be sure that analyzed data are always actual, and you don’t have to waste time on manual actualization.

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Additional benefits

Using the HR Vizion Pro app, you gain access to comprehensive HR data in one place, as well as you get a number of extra benefits:

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