Qlik Alerting

Qlik Alerting

Take intelligent, timely action:

  • Sophisticated, data-driven alerts,
  • Advanced statistical calculation, outlier and anomaly detection,
  • Proximity-based alerts on mobile devices,
  • Drill into dimension values,
  • Self-service and centralized insights,
  • In-context linking to analytics applications.

Where it fits – actionable insights

  • Intelligent alerting,
  • Outlier and anomaly detection,
  • Proactive management,
  • Timely action,
  • Workflow automation.


What does it give? Benefits

Drives adoption and action

Decreases “dashboard fatigue”

Enables management by exception

Qlik Alerting – features

An all-encompassing alerting platform for Qlik Sense that helps drive user adoption

Full Qlik Sense Integration

  • Qlik APIs
  • Qlik Sense Security

Self Service or Centralized Alerts

  • User Driven
  • Administrator Led

Data Alerts

  • Proactively Alerts
  • Complex Alert Conditions
  • Increases Qlik Adoption

System Alerts

  • Notifies administrators when reloads fail
  • Ensures users aren’t presented with blank apps

Broadcast Alerts

  • Send Alerts to Groups of Users
  • Notify Qlik users as well as non Qlik users

Broadcast Notifications

  • Notify groups of users on key changes within apps
  • Notify users for system downtime

Apps for iOS & Android

  • Receive alerts directly to mobile apps
  • Drive users to Qlik Sense Mobile

Blackberry Dynamics Integration

  • Mobile Device Management for Enterprise Customers
  • BYOD

How does it work?

Qlik Alerting connects to the BI environment via API. It activates the alert on the basis of the data contained in dashboards and defined by the rules contained in its friendly interface. It sends information through a specified channel of communication such as e-mail message or mobile application. It directs to the application in order to check the alert in a more thorough way.

Intelligent Alerting for Qlik Sense

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