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Excellence in Mergers and Acquisitions

In the world of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), those who are exceptionally well-prepared seize opportunities without delay.

At BPX, we understand this and stand by our clients to achieve growth and profitability goals, ensuring success in the years ahead. The M&A process is a strategic step that allows companies to expand and strengthen their market position.

As it's a complex and time-consuming process, it can accumulate many obstacles and challenges. Implementing structural changes in a company is a key way to increase revenue and accumulate capital.

Our approach includes two main paths:


For Large Acquiring Companies and Those Planning Mergers:

  • We specialize in M&A processes.
  • Our SAP experts understand the dynamics of M&A.
  • We provide services at every project stage, from planning to system integration.

For Partners - Advisory Firms, Including Law Firms:

  • We offer comprehensive IT support in M&A processes.
  • Our IT expertise enables us to adapt to business challenges.
  • We provide dedicated teams to identify issues and propose suitable solutions.

How We Assist in M&A and What Sets Us Apart

Mergers and acquisitions are not just IT projects; they are primarily business transformations. They require adapting business processes to the new system and client.

We combine IT knowledge with the ability to adapt to business challenges, enabling us to deliver comprehensive, dedicated, and efficient solutions. Collaborating with reputable business firms significantly increases our effectiveness and the potential for success.

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M&A may include the following areas:

  • Finance

  • Logistics

  • Sales
    and Distribution

  • Integration

  • Quality

  • HR

  • Project

Mergers and acquisitions are not just challenges; they are opportunities to optimize and improve processes using SAP systems. Our company, specializing in both IT and business, understands this dynamic from the ground up.

Therefore, our offering is directed at both large companies planning mergers/acquisitions and advisory firms, including law firms, dealing with tax advice, legal matters, and accounting.

We specialize in providing comprehensive support for mergers and acquisitions, offering a wide range of services:

  • M&A Analysis and Advisory

  • M&A Strategies

  • Understanding Business

  • Collaboration with Management

  • Partnerships with Law Firms and Advisory Firms

  • Support in Digital Transformation

  • M&A Analysis and Advisory

    M&A Analysis and Advisory

    We start with a thorough analysis, both technically and business-wise. We provide advice that helps companies avoid potential pitfalls in the transition process.

  • M&A Strategies

    M&A Strategies

    We create solutions that consider corporate expectations and industry changes. We define areas of growth and set goals.

  • Understanding Business

    Understanding Business

    Our IT knowledge is complemented by a deep understanding of business processes. This allows us to optimize processes, including supply chain, system integration, and facilitates a smooth transition to SAP S/4HANA (if applicable).

  • Collaboration with Management

    Collaboration with Management

    We work transparently, closely with the Board, Top Management, clients, and shareholders. We minimize risks, solve problems, and introduce improvements during the transition process.

  • Partnerships with Law Firms and Advisory Firms

    Partnerships with Law Firms and Advisory Firms

    Through partnerships with companies offering a full range of financial, economic, legal, and tax consulting services, we provide comprehensive support, combining technical and legal issues in the M&A process.

  • Support in Digital Transformation

    Support in Digital Transformation

    We help align M&A strategies with modern business and technological requirements, enabling digital transformation.

Business Transformation Using SAP Systems

Modern companies often use multiple IT systems simultaneously, requiring coordination of data migration and integration activities. At BPX, we are prepared to support these processes and ensure a smooth transition.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • These actions involve partial or complete merger of systems, which often require sophisticated technological applications.

  • It is a process in which information technology (IT) plays a key role, both in terms of system integration and data migration.

  • These are strategic decisions that have a significant impact on all business areas. Transitioning from one system to another, integrating data, and adjusting processes are challenges often faced by these organizations.

Difference Between Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers involve the partial or complete combination of companies with similar market positions to create an entirely new legal entity.

Acquisitions refer to one company taking over another.

We understand the specifics of these processes and can adapt
IT systems to new business requirements.

  • System Compliance and Integration

    We can find common ground between different systems and ensure their harmonious integration.

    Data Migration

    Our proven data migration tools maintain data integrity and accuracy, even with large datasets.

  • Business Process Optimization

    We help adapt business processes to new requirements to achieve operational efficiency.

    Project Management

    We provide comprehensive project management support, helping to prioritize, control schedules, and costs.

  • Data Security

    Our solutions ensure data security, protecting it from potential threats.

    User Support

    We train employees and provide support for a smooth transition to the new system.

  • Resolving Technological Conflicts

    We have experience in resolving technological incompatibilities to ensure a smooth process.


    Our solutions are scalable, adapting to the needs of a growing organization.

Learn how mergers and acquisitions can potentially impact your company and how the SAP system can assist in the process.

Our team of SAP experts offers comprehensive solutions for planning, data migration, and system integration to ensure a smooth transition during M&A.

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Our experts about M&A

The experts at BPX in Mergers and Acquisitions understand the specifics of these processes perfectly.

M&A processes are not only business transformations. It's also an opportunity to optimize and improve processes using SAP. We are ready to assist you in every stage of your M&A project, from strategic planning to full systems integration.

Robert Wachowiak

Delivery Partner

Benefits of M&A for Companies

When deciding to merge or acquire, companies can achieve several benefits, such as:

Revenue Growth

By joining forces with another company, you can improve efficiency and increase your revenues.

Increased Capital

Mergers and acquisitions increase the company's capital, allowing for investment in growth and expansion.

Expansion of Business Scope

Acquiring or merging with another company enables you to expand your product or service offerings and establish a presence in new markets.

Process Optimization

Consolidating business operations leads to more efficient processes and lower costs.

Stock Value Growth

Successful mergers and acquisitions can increase the value of your company's stocks and satisfy investors.

Did you know that…

  • In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for a massive $26.2 billion.

    This was one of the largest M&A transactions in the history of the technology industry. Microsoft used that acquisition to e.g. integrate LinkedIn's business tools with its own solutions, which had a big impact on the development of its digital business strategy.

    Mentioned deal was an example of how well-known companies can use M&A to increase their innovation and competitiveness in the market.

Our Expertise and Know-how

BPX, as an IT and M&A expert, assists in achieving these benefits by providing comprehensive business and technical support in the merger and acquisition process.

When considering mergers and acquisitions from an IT perspective, it's essential to take the right steps during the planning phase and have experts who understand the intricacies of their work. Our company offers solutions in SAP and integration systems that help address these challenges and ensure success in M&A projects.

M&A: Road to Success

    Business Analysis

    System Solutions

    Measurable and Tangible Benefits

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