Advanced data visualization in the Microsoft environment thanks to Power BI

Explore detailed information hidden in the data owing to Power BI.

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Find data clarity when you need it most

Trust a renowned Business Intelligence industry leader; build your business based on secure data analysis; rely on one of the largest and rapidly growing cloud-based solutions supporting business analyses.

Business analysis for everyone

Power Bi - Business analysis
  • Self-service analyses for any enterprise

    Self-service analyses for any enterprise

    Limit your additional costs, complexity and security threats associated with multiple solutions owing to the Analytics Platform scalable down to individuals or an entire organization.

  • Robust results owing to the use of smart tools

    Robust results owing to the use of smart tools

    Find and share significant and detailed information using hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, tight integration with MS Excel and pre-created and custom data connectors.

  • Best analytic data protection

    Best analytic data protection

    Secure your data using industry-leading data security functions, such as confidentiality labels, end-to-end encryption and real-time access monitoring.

Advanced and comprehensive business solutions

See what Power BI can do

Explore the capacity ofPower BI

  • A single platform

  • In-depth analysis

  • Work optimization

  • Accuracy and precision

  • The power of Excel

  • From information to action

  • Analyses - right here, right now

  • A single platform

    A single platform

    Meet the self-service and data analysis requirements of your enterprise with just a single platform. Gain access to advanced semantic models, application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit, open communication structure and fixed-layout paged reports with excellent graphics.

  • In-depth analysis

    In-depth analysis

    Get competitive leverage owing to your data, using the Power BI service and Azure platform, to merge and analyse entire datasets.

  • Work optimization

    Work optimization

    Take advantage of the latest developments in AI from Microsoft to facilitate data preparation, machine learning model creation and rapid acquisition of structured and unstructured data analyses, including text and images, for everyone, and not only data analysts.

  • Accuracy and precision

    Accuracy and precision

    Quickly and confidently identify differences and drag contents from a dev and test environment to a production environment, using simple visual cues in deployment pipelines.

  • The power of Excel

    The power of Excel

    Anyone familiar with the Microsoft 365 platform is able to easily combine queries, data models and Excel reports with Power BI navigation desktops — expediting Excel business data acquisition, analysis, sharing and posting.

  • From information to action

    From information to action

    Go from data to detailed information and from detailed information to action using the Microsoft Power Platform — which merges the Power BI service with Power Apps and Power Automate features into a solution that enables developing business applications and automated workflows.

  • Analyses - right here, right now

    Analyses - right here, right now

    Find out what is happening right now, and not only what happened in the past. From factory sensors to social media feeds – gain access to real-time analyses to always be ready to make timely decisions.


Check out the list of all data sources supported by Power BI at the official Microsoft website:

Narzędzia Power BI

What data sources does Power BI support? All of them!

All tools, programs and add-ons from the Microsoft family seamlessly meet, intertwine and combine in Power BI. Make use of the power of all Microsoft environment data with a single, versatile tools of the Business Intelligence class.

  • Approvals
  • Asana
  • Azure Ad
    Azure Ad
  • Azure Applications
    Azure Applications
  • Azure Automation
    Azure Automation
  • Azure Blob Storage
    Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Devops
    Azure Devops
  • Azure Queues
    Azure Queues
  • Box
  • Common Data Service
    Common Data Service
  • Dropbox
  • Dynamics
  • Dynamics 365 Fin Ops
    Dynamics 365 Fin Ops
  • Excel
  • Excel Online Business
    Excel Online Business
  • Excel Online Onedrive
    Excel Online Onedrive
  • Facebook
  • File System
    File System
  • Flow Management
    Flow Management
  • Ftp
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
    Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
    Google Contacts
  • Google Drive
    Google Drive
  • Google Sheets
    Google Sheets
  • Google Tasks
    Google Tasks
  • Http with Azure
    Http with Azure
  • Instagram
  • Jira
  • Mail
  • Microsoft Forms
    Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft Todo
    Microsoft Todo
  • MSN Weather
    MSN Weather
  • Notifications
  • Office 365 Groups
    Office 365 Groups
  • Office 365 Outlook
    Office 365 Outlook
  • Office 365 Users
    Office 365 Users
  • Office 365 Admin
    Office 365 Admin
  • Onedrive
  • Onedrive for Business
    Onedrive for Business
  • Onenote Business
    Onenote Business
  • Outlook com
    Outlook com
  • Outlook Tasks
    Outlook Tasks
  • Planner
  • Project online
    Project online
  • Rss
  • Salesforce
  • sFtp
  • Sharepoint
  • Slack
  • Smartsheet
  • Smtp
  • SQL Server
    SQL Server
  • todoist
  • Trello
  • Twilio
  • Twitter
  • Word Online Business
    Word Online Business
  • Wunderlist
  • Yammer
  • YouTube

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  • Power BI - key features

    Easy operation

  • Power BI - key features

    Cost control

  • Power BI - key features

    Real-time analytics

  • Power BI - key features

    Convenient cooperation

  • Power BI - key features

    Data analysis visualization

  • Power BI - key features

    Quick prototyping

  • Power BI - key features

    Custom dashboards

  • Power BI - key features

    Data modelling

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