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Unique know-how and experience

Strategic Data Connectors, a “plug-and-play” integration provided by BPX Revenue Management Solutions, brings a number of benefits to your business:

  • Know-how i doświadczenie

    From very effective technology to data transfer from SAP to RGM systems

  • Know-how i doświadczenie

    Through handling numerous contract types and retro discounts

  • Know-how i doświadczenie

    To posting and settlement of provisions

Versatile and complete skillset

Our team has a versatile and complete skillset required to develop RGM functionalities:

  • Our Architects can design the required solutions

  • New functions can be developed by one of our highly specialized programmers

  • Consultants and analysts will efficiently implement the solution within the Client’s Organization

  • ... while our Project Managers and Scrum Masters will lead the Implementation programme.

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations with our consulting services

Consulting is the best way to get quick support in areas where you feel you miss the know-how and practical experience. Experience gained in numbers of Revenue Growth Management implementations across industries and markets amassed in a single team is a unique BPX offer.

Our team comprises over 40 experienced experts (and we are still growing!). Their selection was not accidental.

This way we can manage the entire Project Life Cycle for our Clients, allowing the end user to focus on their job - which is simply increasing the margins owing to new, better optimized promotional activities.

But we cannot forget that a well-balanced integration team, besides top-class IT specialists, has to also include business practitioners. Having former RGM managers in our ranks, we can naturally merge data integration architecture with its practical application.

Owing to that unique combination, we are able to provide the best-in-class consulting, which maximizes the use of an IT solution according to your Business Strategy.

The BPX Revenue Management Solutions team of experts will provide your company with adequate expert support. See how we can help your company.

RGM offer

What does it mean for you and your organization?

  • Optimal RGM solution

  • Out-of-the-box SDC module

  • Optimal RGM solution

    Optimal RGM solution

    A dedicated RGM solution, designed and developed based on your strategy, guarantees robust and permanent competitive leverage.

    By choosing BPX, you will mitigate the risk of painful, costly and time-consuming mistakes to a minimum.

  • Out-of-the-box SDC module

    Out-of-the-box SDC module

    Based on years of experience to avoid more or less common RGM integration problems - each application is provided with additional support functions and, when necessary, with reconciliation functions.

Learn about our solutions

Based on our know-how and years of experience, we can offer the best solutions in terms of Revenue Growth Management and integration of RGM applications with SAP, leading to significant improvements in the reliability and efficiency of data exchange in your organization.

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  • RGM tool implementations
  • Data integration between SAP and RGM/TPM applications
  • BPX Strategic Data Connectors
  • BPX Accrual Engine
  • SAP Rebate Management
  • Solution architecture design
  • RGM consulting services
  • SaaS solutions
  • Service support

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