Data Literacy Program

Data Literacy Program

The collected data is growing in terms of quantity and complexity. ERP, CRM, WMS or HR systems, sensors, social media – this is data source with a lot of information about the organization. However, researches indicate that more data does not mean better conclusions (on its basis). Despite that we are still collecting new data, only some of us know how to transform data in the real business value.

According to research conducted by MIT and Emerson University*, the term “Date Literacy” means the ability to read data, work with data, analyze data and discuss about conclusions resulting from data. Nowadays, the ability to inference on the basis of data is as important as reading or writing.

*the research was carried out on a group of 7 377 persons responsible for taking decisions in their organizations – from younger managers to the members of the management board. The test lasted from August 2017 to February 2018

In accordance with the results of the test:

of decision makers fully believe in their ability to use (effectively) the organization’s data

of people at the management level have been classified as persons, who take advantage of the data (efficiently)

It was particularly noted that only 21% of young people (between 16 and 24 years of age) use the data in an efficient way

Why is the fact that the large group of employees has the ability to use data in the organization important? The studies carried out at the request of Qlik and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (based on 600 companies from all over the world) show that companies with the highest level of skills in the use of data have reached a higher value (from 3 % to 5 %) in relation to other companies. Moreover, shorter time to launch new products and better sales results distinguish them from other companies.

Stressing the need for skillful reading of data, Qlik started its own Date Literacy Program. It aims to educate people, who work with data, at every level – from students and trainees to managers and top management. In order to participate in the program, you do not need to be a client of Qlik. Participation in the program is free of charge (with the exception of dedicated training with the instructor that can be separately purchased).

What are the benefits of the Date Literacy Program?

  • Regardless of your role, experience or the business area, in which you are working, you will examine and develop your skills in building and using data sets
  • Acquired skills will help you define the precise questions, interpret the results of the analysis and take decisions supported by data
  • You will discover the true potential of the collected data, as well as you will learn how to distinguish worse data from the most important information
  • The program is not limited to Qlik’s products – this is a universal training that focuses on the statistical analysis of any data sets

The program consists of 5 elements:


Individual test

In order to start your way in the Date Literacy program, take advantage of our free test (in English), which will determine your level of data reading data at Assessment. The test refers to both technical and business aspects of data reading. The test enables to determine the next steps in the program.

E-learning platform

Learn at your own pace. You have an access to the constantly expanding library of on-line courses. Modules are related to the subjects concerning the understanding of data, various models of data (e.g. linear regression) and culture of data.


Get a certificate via a remote exam. You can take this exam at any time.

Access for academics

If you are a student or an academic employee in the accredited university, you can get free access to the Qlik’s tool and training materials that you can use in your work.


Seminars led by an instructor

A one-day course entitled “Basics of data analysis” enables to learn analytical and statistical skills from the world-class experts in date science. Trainings are carried out in the location determined by the client (on-site).

Start your adventure with the Date Literacy Program

The data literacy

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