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BPX Smart City Solutions

Cities and municipalities development

BPX SMART CITY is an advanced Business Intelligence (Bi) tool based on the Qlik platform, designed for the development of cities and municipalities, under the Smart City concept.

Thanks to our knowledge and successful implementation in Kielce, we have gained valuable experience that allowed us to develop an online platform for residents.

Smart City Kielce

Attractive data visualizations, monitoring of the activities of individual areas and availability of the innovative platform to the city's residents are among the many benefits of implementing a Business Intelligence system in Kielce.

The platform, based on the Qlik Sense tool has created a number of smart solutions for the city's residents and decision-makers in the areas of migration, demographics, infrastructure, transport or public services.

Smart City Kielce is a proof of how city can become more integrated, efficient and dynamic using the full potential of its data.

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For whom?

  • For local governments

  • For those responsible for Smart City projects

  • For municipal office employees

Our offer includes:


We provide an advanced online platform based on Qlik Sense tool which enables present data on visualizations, dashboards and maps. This makes it easy for residents to see key data about their city and make choices based on current information.


We customize the platform to meet the individual needs of your city. We can consider specific metrics, data and subject to provide information that is relevant to your residents.

Data integration

We integrate a variety of data sources, such as demographic data, city sensor data, public transportation data, etc., to provide complete insights into key aspects of the city operations.

Benefits of implementing BPX Smart City Solutions

Increasing data transparency

Transparent data presentation using interactive dashboards and intuitive visualizations improves access to information and increases transparency in urban ecosystem management.

Better decisions

With rich data visualizations, residents and decision makers can make better fact-based decisions, which contributes to the city's development. You will Instantly access key information, statistics and comparisons, making it easier to implement strategies.

Involvement of residents

The platform engages residents, allowing them to interact with the data and give them an important voice in matters of their city. Residents can learn about the latest data, raise issues and participate in the decision-making process. We create an environment that engages and inspires the community, making them feel part of the city's development.

Optimization of resources

With a better data understanding, the city can more effectively manage resources, identify areas for optimization and improve the life's quality of residents.

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How it works?

Don't waste time, join the ranks of innovative cities that are already using our Smart City Solutions. Contact our team today for more information. Together, we will create the future of your city, which will become an example of innovation and efficiency with our Smart City Solutions for urban leaders with vision.

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About us

We are the Polish market leader in the implementation of Business Intelligence tools for Smart Cities.

Our innovation and specialization allow us to provide dedicated solutions that effectively support cities in improving management and communication with residents.

When you choose BPX SMART CITY SOLUTIONS, you are choosing not only a tool, but also a partner who helps you transform your city into a smart and dynamic environment.

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