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Revenue Growth Management

Revenue Growth Management

We leverage 180 years of our expert combined experience in managing margins and Revenue Growth Management.

We understand how crucial reliable and flawless data and system integration is. We know the challenges imposed by modern architecture based on the support of a wide range of solutions from different vendors, microservices, products.... All this puts us in the forefront of global RGM solution providers.

We are a global leader and integrator ofRevenue Growth Management solutions

Our Foundations of Revenue Growth Management

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We solve key Revenue Growth Management problems

Our priority is to respond to client problems in terms of required business functions. Therefore, we take a leadership role in integrating RGM applications, and building and implementing new solutions streamlining processes in organizations.

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We are your business partner

Our team of over 40 passionate RGM professionals works with major CPG companies, continuously improving the effectiveness of commercial investments around the world - from managing global programs with multi-million dollar budgets to developing out-of-the-box RGM solutions and architecture.

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We unlock your company's potential with the best technologies

By partnering with leading global providers of cutting-edge SaaS solutions and developing proprietary RGM products, including, among others, our flagship solutions - BPX Strategic Data Connectors and BPX Accrual Engine - we fully satisfy your RGM needs.


Discover our proprietary solution that provides fast and reliable data integration between SAP and RGM tools.

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The power of Revenue Growth Management Solutions

  • Reliable data integration

    Reliable data integration

  • Real-time processing

    Real-time processing

  • Regularly refreshed data

    Regularly refreshed data

  • Increasing operational efficiency

    Increasing operational efficiency

  • Saving time, money and IT resources

    Saving time, money and IT resources

  • Clearly faster delivery of RGM tools for business, in line with agreed schedules

    Clearly faster delivery of RGM tools for business, in line with agreed schedules

  • More accurate planning of promotion campaigns - focusing on strategy to achieve and increase company's ROI goals

    More accurate planning of promotion campaigns - focusing on strategy to achieve and increase company's ROI goals

  • High-quality recommendations and forecasts supported by artificial intelligence

    High-quality recommendations and forecasts supported by artificial intelligence

BPX Accrual Engine

Meet the RGM tool, designed by the BPX team, which will provide your company with easy, fast and effective calculation and posting of accruals.

Stop waiting for change, and start making effective business decisions and increasing ROI

  • Faster integration

  • Modular architecture

  • Experienced team

  • Faster integration

    Faster integration

    Our ready, out-of-the-box RGM solutions enables companies like yours significantly shorten the implementation time and bring business benefits by up to 40% faster, compared to a traditional approach.

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  • Modular architecture

    Modular architecture

    Thanks to modular architecture we can easily configure our products according to your needs with minimum or no coding at all!

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  • Experienced team

    Experienced team

    A team of RMS associates combines vast experience in both business and IT side of RGM, providing us with possibility to develop efficient and reliable integration solutions, as well as help your business in optimizing Revenue Growth Management.

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Let us guide you through Revenue Growth Management integration

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Get to know our solutions

Given the fact that Central Europe is becoming a Hub for Financial and Procurement Services, and being a company with its headquarters in Poland - we are taking a leading role in the region in terms of providing End-to-End solutions. To this end we cooperate with RGM software vendors, develop integration suites and offer full advisory support to our clients.

  • RGM tool implementations
  • Data integration between SAP and RGM/TPM applications
  • BPX Strategic Data Connectors
  • BPX Accrual Engine
  • SAP Rebate Management
  • Solution architecture design
  • RGM consulting services
  • SaaS solutions
  • Service support

Accelerate your RGM/TPM digital transformation with BPX

Here you will find expert support

Let us help you

The BPX Revenue Management Solutions Department combines years of experience from many different RGM implementations in numerous business segments globally – all merged into one scalable team of architects, consultants and developers.

A well optimized roll-out team is more than just IT specialists, but also business practitioners. Practical knowledge helps to correctly choose and set-up an RGM solution, taking into account more than just system-related aspects, but also future users. It also enables adapting solutions to corporate strategy. What more can we say? We are proud of the exceptional set up of knowledge and skills in our team.

Our consulting services

Global coverage

Benefit from our experience in local markets

When implementing global programs for our Clients – leaders in CPG segment - we’ve experienced the unique specifics of various countries and how the RTM (route-to-market) model or local legal limitations impact the way Revenue Management is executed.

Yes, we already know the difference between RGM in the US, China or Germany and we are happy to share that knowledge with you.

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BPX is recognized and trusted

Our strength is the partners with whom we jointly expand our product portfolio.

We are probably one of the few companies that play a key role in implementation projects involving the most well-known Revenue Growth Management solutions from companies such as Visualfabriq, CAS and Xtel.

We work with the best!

  • World leader in strategic revenue management solutions using AI capabilities.

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A few words from our partners – business transformation leaders

One of BPX main goals is to provide top quality products and services, helping our Clients in minimizing the chance of expensive mistakes. That’s why our daily cooperation is based on reciprocity and in-depth understanding of the business partner's needs.

Revenue Management is not a good place for experiments. Robust data integration between ERP and TPM gives us the trustworthy foundation to quickly react to a dynamic market situation.

Strategic Revenue Manager / CPG industry

The unusual data volumes exchanged within Revenue processes require reliable solution architecture. With the help of experienced RGM architects we’ve managed to tangibly reduce the time and efforts associated in building the RGM ecosystem.

Integration Architect / Digital Technology, CPG industry

How we operate?

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    Process and business analysis

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    Configuration and implementation

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Discover our capabilities

  • 18+ years of experience

    Since 2006 we have been helping our clients implement and develop systems and applications that streamline business processes. Owing to our know-how, our Partners are able to fully utilize the technologies of the future.

  • 1000+ completed projects

    We approach each project individually. We employ technologies that improve the enterprise functioning and management. The joint implementation of each projects brings our clients closer to perfection in managing a modern organization.

  • 350+ employees

    We have an appropriate team of experiences and qualified experts in many fields. Consultants, analysts, programmers and PMs. We have been successfully implementing even the most complex projects that streamline the development of organizations around the world.

  • 50+ countries where we have carried out deployments

    Based on our unique skills, we implement innovative projects around the world. We conquer new markets and constantly enter new areas. A comprehensive approach allows us to ensure the development of companies from numerous industries and sectors.

See how we have helped clients around the world

See our Case Study examples, which show projects streamlining business processes and completed by our team.

  • Maspex
  • Sefran
  • Paradigm Precision
  • Jafar S.A.
  • Enea
  • Bakalland
  • Nestle
  • Deante
  • Eurocash
  • ZUS
  • Inpost
  • Polska Spółka Gazownictwa

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Also, don’t miss out on the latest integration examples shared by our Experts, which show how a combination of know-how, experience and dedicated solutions can help Your organization integrate data in a more optimized manner.

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