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BPX is a team of experts in their field, but above all, cool and valuable people. What we most care about is working in a team that is eager to exchange experience, know-how and ideas, but above all, its members are fond of each other.

At #BPXteam, we like to spend time together even "after hours”.

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  • Growth requires changes. Changes that are inevitable to survive and generate profit. In order to achieve the assumed goals, we often rely on external companies. Those that specialize in a narrow field, for whom a "change" is a way of doing things. And it doesn't matter if you merge or demerge systems. Do you create new units, plants, warehouses, change suppliers, plan development, improve reporting or automate processes. For 17 years on the market, we have been doing just that for companies and corporations that have a goal and us to achieve it. In this industry, only mutuality matters. A common goal achieved with small, planned steps. And we are here to ensure that the Client does not have to worry about the result, instead stay focused on his Growth.

    Anna Saczuk

    Vice CEO
  • As a representative of Generation Z, I have been looking for an employer who successfully combines development opportunities comparable to those offered by international corporations with a friendly atmosphere and mutual respect reminiscent of smaller family businesses since the beginning of my professional career. I found everything I expected, and even more, in BPX. The diversity among team members, as well as the opportunity to participate in globally implemented projects for the world's largest enterprises, is something that allows me to continually broaden my horizons and is a guarantee of the absence of monotony in work. The biggest advantage of BPX for me is definitely the flat organizational structure - decision-makers are leaders who remain in constant contact with employees, allowing the opinions and ideas of even shorter-tenured individuals to be heard and have a real impact on the functioning of the entire company.

    Mikołaj Mocek

    Junior SAP FI Consultant
  • Working at BPX is a pleasant atmosphere, wonderful people, and support. I have personally made many friends here, for which I will always be grateful. 😉 The opportunity for development in different directions, openness to conversations, and interesting projects is definitely one of the biggest differentiators compared to other employers.

    Aleksandra Rorbach

    SAP Department Manager, Project Manager
  • The beginning of the pandemic was not an ideal time to start, but thanks to BPX, I quickly felt like part of the family. There are no random people here, only those full of empathy, passion, dedication, and professionalism. It is a pleasure to work in a supportive atmosphere.

    Alicja Gadziałowska

    Board Assistant | Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Working at BPX allows for a balance between diverse challenges and the joy of achieving success. Thanks to the possibility of working on various projects, professional development is something absolutely natural. Therefore, it is difficult to feel bored with daily tasks or a sense of monotony when performing duties. The overall atmosphere in the company is complemented by a well-coordinated team, which makes coming to the office not a punishment. In addition, relationships with supervisors make them a support, not an obstacle. Working at BPX is a job that you want to have.

    Krystian Stadnik

    Senior Infor Consultant
  • I have been working at BPX for over 3 years as a SAP Consultant. In addition to the tremendous knowledge transfer I received at the beginning of my career, I feel support from colleagues and the company every day. Moreover, BPX is socially engaged, which is important to me. The company also takes care of a good mood at work by organizing various thematic days and events such as pizza day or cat day, as well as joint integrations at the bowling alley or shooting range. Working in such an atmosphere is pure pleasure.

    Łukasz Łań

    SAP Consultant
  • BPX provides a great atmosphere at work. In the era of popularization of remote work, our employees like to come to the office so that work passes in good company, and the coffee tastes better. :)

    Jakub Stonoga,

    Junior SAP Consultant

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Join the BPX Team and become a part of an extraordinary team of SAP consultants, BI experts, IT developers, PMs and specialists in various fields.

Start an unforgettable adventure along your career path and grow with us.

We most commonly look for specialists in business areas such as:

  • SAP Consultant (modules: FI, FICO, SD, MM)

  • Project Manager

  • Qlik Sense Consultant

  • SQL Developer

  • ERP Consultant (Logistic, Finance)

For students

We are eager to share our expert know-how:

We organize IT workshops and free trainings for students.

We promote issues associated with innovative technologies and working in the IT field.

Check out planned online and stationary workshops at universities throughout Poland .

Interested in an internship?

4/5 of the interns stays with us at BPX and takes up a new professional challenge. Join the group of people who want to grow as part of the prospective IT industry.

If you are a student and would like to take the first step in your IT career:

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Let’s meet!

At BPX, we are on first name terms regardless of the position. We are open to other people, respect diversity, support each other, celebrate our birthdays and follow partner-wise and ethical principles. Learn the values that are important to us and are the foundation of our cooperation.

  • Anna Gwóźdź-Wiśniewska

    Team Leader of the Recruitment Team


    Experienced recruiter with a knack for discovering and unlocking people's potential. I have found my place in HR as it combines helping others with business development. In BPX, I lead recruitments for various positions and support recruitment projects. I am on the lookout for talents eager to join our team and shape the future of technology together. I approach each candidate individually, and my reliable compass in the recruitment turbulences is a sense of humor, a smile, and the ability to maintain distance.

  • Jacek Kędzierski



    Immersed in the world of HR and recruitment for two decades, a veteran in connecting talents with dreams. I not only contribute to business development but also ensure that each recruitment is an adventure worthy of the best stories. I don't just find people for jobs; I create a mosaic of talents that together build something exceptional. I believe every interview should have a bit of magic, and the magical ingredient? A reliable sense of humor and the ability to see potential where others only see a CV.

  • Alexandra Roucayrol



    I am a recruiter at BPX where my job is more than just browsing through LinkedIn with 3D glasses to see candidates' potential in full dimension. I enthusiastically dive into the search process, and my recruitment approach is simple: I seek talents that not only fit the job but also align with our company culture, much like finding the perfect ingredient to complement a dish.

BPX values

  • Quality

  • Sincerity

  • Responsibility

  • Objective awareness

  • Partnership

  • Reciprocity


Besides knowledge, experience, development and support at every stage of working for BPX ... and fruit Tuesdays and sweet Fridays ;), we also provide a package of extra benefits, to make both your professional and “after hours” life more pleasant.

  • Career - Private medical care

    Private medical care

  • Career - Private life insurance

    Private life insurance

  • Career - Multisport card

    Multisport card

  • Career - Performance-based compensation scheme

    Performance-based compensation scheme

  • Career - Individual career development plan

    Individual career development plan

  • Career - Flexible work time

    Flexible work time

  • Career - Wellbeing programme

    Wellbeing programme

  • Career - Integration events and trips

    Integration events and trips

Fun fact

One every two years we award the BPX Pearls, in categories related to our company values. It is the employees who nominate each other, which makes this award an invaluable accomplishment.

We give the following awards to the employees with the longest seniority: “Thank you for being with us”, and hence appreciate the people that have been with us for many years, and there are a lot of them ;)

Find us on social media

Find us on social media

Wellbeing - more power to work and after work!

We care about well-being and appropriate work-life balance.

A dedicated Wellbeing team guarantees positive moods at BPX every day. Together we celebrate such occasions as Women’s Day and Boy’s Day, and the less popular albeit equally enjoyable Dog, Cat, Chocolate, Pizza and Sushi Days, and much more!

We also actively participate in international and nationwide campaigns of preventive examinations for women and men. We grow moustache for Movember (hold your horses, only the male part of the team ;P), we educate ourselves on important health-related topics, organize regular webinars with a psychologist and are not afraid to talk about emotions.

We play “Board games at night”, go out to team meetings, every summer we go for a weekend-long company retreat that is full of attractions, and in the winter, we celebrate the Christmas season together during our year-wrap up meeting.

  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing
  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing
  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing
  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing
  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing
  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing
  • BPX S.A. - wellbeing

We help

At BPX, we are actively engaged in joint CSR activities, and helping is a part of our everyday lives.

We constantly support the “Lepszy Start” Foundation and the “Przyladek” Non-public Primary School for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, including the May-long campaign “Kilometres for Przyladek” and the year-long “Constructing a Home For Ever” campaign.

We join forces in all activities that do good, and when we hear the “all hands on deck” slogan, there is nothing that we cannot do. Together we organize fundraisers and help animals, because we believe that every tangible aid matters...

Lepszy Start Przyladek

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Learn more about our local branches in Poland and the US and Brazil offices. Be sure that regardless of the client’s location and time zone, BPX experts will provide your company with the best solutions in the field of ERP and BI technologies, and consulting services of the highest quality.

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