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Transparent Machine Learning – Altair® Knowledge Studio®

Operationalize your Machine Learning without introducing risk in decision making because of lack of model transparency.

Knowledge Studio automates Machine Learning tasks and delivers explainable Artificial Intelligence so users can be confident in making decisions from data.

Explainable AI displays the fine details of a model’s configuration so you can better understand how the prediction was made - even for black-box models.

Main features

No Code Machine Learning Modeling

An interactive and intuitive interface allows users of different skill sets to quickly connect to a wide range of data sources, transform disparate data formats into usable datasets, and generate insights by using a wide range of modeling techniques and algorithms, from decision trees to regression models to deep learning (neural networks).

Transparent, Explainable AI

Details about how a model is configured and what the model’s output means is shown using Explainable AI. Along with AutoML Knowledge Studio’s approach towards responsible AI means all users of a model’s output can be confident in making decisions, knowing how and why a prediction was made.

Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics

Knowledge Studio’s patented Strategy Trees combines your knowledge of the business with predictive modeling results, allowing you to prescribe treatments to different segments of your customer bases. Optimize strategies and campaigns by scoring the impact of controllable change to multiple scenarios. Maximize the ROI you are looking for as you drive towards new business opportunities.

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