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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Market leading enterprise data preparation, predictive analytics, and visualization solutions.

In 2021 BPX became Altair Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Channel Partner in Poland.

With this strategic partnership BPX expands its Business Intelligence portfolio to help our clients navigate Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) waters with ease.

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Press Release

It is official! BPX signs an Altair Channel Partner Agreement to expand the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence areas in the Polish market. Read more


Monarch is the fastest and easiest way to access, clean, and blend data without any coding required. Extract data from any source including difficult to use formats such as PDFs and text files and convert this data to rows and columns in a matter of minutes.

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Knowledge Studio is an easy-to-use powerful predictive analytics and Machine Learning solution. Its high-performance visual environment and interactive and intuitive interface helps users build effective models without having to code.

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Panopticon lets business users — the people closest to the action — build, modify, and deploy sophisticated streaming analytics and data visualization applications using a fully drag-and-drop interface.

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Future.AI | Discover your data potential.

2021 Future.AI conference presentations now on-demand

Altair Units

Unified licensing system that gives access to every Altair product.

Flexibility to Run Anywhere

Customers have full access to all our software instantly, including more than 150 Altair and partner products, and can run these applications on-demand locally, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup.
After user interaction ends, units are released back into the pool for others to use.

Freedom to Choose

By consolidation of the software environment, the same licenses can be used for many different applications. Consolidation also helps with containing management costs, as well as eliminating restrictions floating within a zone.

Value-based Licensing

End users can use a variety of software simultaneously on a machine and drawing only units for the most valuable product.

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