Organization and optimization of work in the company – transparent manager cockpits and comprehensive HR process management within the TETA ME application

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Organization and optimization of work in the company – transparent manager cockpits and comprehensive HR process management within the TETA ME application Date: 18 April 2024

Effective time management in daily work, effective task definition and decision support are essential elements in the success of a business. Proper planning of tasks is quite a challenge because it’s time-consuming and requires taking into consideration many factors at the same time. HR teams and managers are responsible for managing a lot of processes simultaneously, while a lack of a suitable plan could delay actions or cause problems. The solution is process automation, possible thanks to implementation tools for comprehensive business management like TETA ME.

This article will provide insights into:

  1. What is the TETA ME app.
  2. What possibilities does the TETA ME tool offer to its users.
  3. How does TETA ME help in planning tasks and organization of work.

What is TETA ME?

The TETA ME application is a tool dedicated to companies’ employees, allowing access to an employee panel where they can independently perform actions related to various HR and payroll matters, as well as time management. These include e.g., updating their data, generating and downloading requests, or submitting vacation declarations. The app also offers additional solutions for effectively managing HR processes within the organization.

The goal of the TETA ME system is to improve the flow of information between the individual in the company and the manager or HR department.

Mobile and uninterrupted access to the TETA ME tool enables employees to independently check various information, definition of particular tasks and take action. Managers and the HR department get only specific data, based on which they carry out further tasks within their duties. Thanks to the automation of HR and payroll processes in the application, the work of the entire company is more efficient, and resources and work time are optimized.

TETA ME is an integral accompaniment to the TETA HR application, dedicated to HR and payroll departments for comprehensive management of these processes.

The benefits of using the TETA ME application – for employees, managers, and the HR department

The TETA ME system supports the operation of an entire organization, providing capabilities to individual employees, managers, and HR management teams. Such synergy enables the execution of activities in real time, allowing for the avoidance of prolonging certain actions.

Each employee with access to the application can easily and quickly check essential information, report their needs, and submit necessary documents.

Within the application, every user has the ability to:

  • check current personal data,
  • submit declarations,
  • report work time incidents,
  • apply for leave as well as overtime assignments and pickups, review their own documents, schedule, and timekeeping settlement, as well as sign documents via an electronic signature.

TETA ME enables managers to manage key actions and indicators in their team, and monitor progress and the level of engagement at work due to duties automation. As a result, leaders can react quicker to ongoing changes and increase the efficiency of team operations that way.

The application provides for managers to:

  • manage work and vacation schedules of team members,
  • quickly processing and approving employee requests, and adjust resources to the current situation,
  • efficient management of competencies within teams,
  • reporting of periodic inspections, occupational health and safety training, and authorizations,
  • competency management,
  • time and absence tracking,
  • initiation of employment processes,
  • analyzing the effectiveness and results of employees.

The TETA ME system also provides business process support within an entire HR department, thanks to advanced automation features available in the tool. By using the TETA ME application, employees and managers take actions that enable the HR management department to take actions only at the final stage of the process. It leads to streamlined procedures and minimizes formalities. Subsequent steps related to employee service are taken by the HR and payroll department in the advanced TETA HR application.

Planning and organizing work time in the TETA ME application

The TETA ME software is a comprehensive tool that facilitates the handling of HR and payroll cases due to digitization but also excels in task planning and time management in the company.

Within the tool, both managers and employees can benefit from features that streamline set-up working time and task scheduling. Planning activities in TETA ME provides high flexibility and transparency for team members, making the work of all employees more efficient.

From within the application, a leader may arrange the team’s work by accessing sections on working hours, vacation plans, schedules, and task tables of subordinates. The employee has the opportunity to independently submit requests for days off, remote work, or personal leave, which go directly to the manager. Through this pathway, the leader can adjust the availability and absences of the individual, including those caused by sick leave, to the action plan of the entire team.

The function of balancing overtime, breaks, and additional projects, available in the TETA ME application ensures that the employee’s working time is under control, which avoids exceeding the working time norms and adjusting it to the current resources of the team.

In the system, it is possible for managers to set goals and task priorities, assign deadlines, update statuses, and adjust difficulty levels. That actions enable the scheduling of activities and adaptation to the competencies of individual team members.

TETA ME also facilitates monitoring of employee engagement levels and team progress, allowing managers to improve the organization of work, enhance efficiency and quality, as well as appropriately motivate employees, which ultimately reflects on the performance of the entire team.

The multifunctional TETA ME application elevates the flow of information between departments to another level. By using this comprehensive tool, every employee, manager, and HR department can efficiently carry out their duties in real time without wasting resources on unnecessary formalities due to automation. Additionally, the TETA ME system serves as a transparent platform for time, individual, and team management, which does not require complex implementation processes.

If you would like to fully benefit from the Unit4 Teta systems capabilities, contact us today! Our experts help you select appropriate tools and guide you comprehensively through the implementation process, giving you a competitive advantage thanks to the use of instruments for digitizing business processes.

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