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Implementation of TETA HR in the cloud for a temporary employment agency

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  • Industry
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  • Solution
  • Duration
    Approximately 2-3 months

Project Description

Installation of TETA HR in a SaaS model and standard implementation of the temporary employment module.
As part of the Company’s development, the system will be parameterized to meet current requirements.

Implementation process:

  1. Pre-implementation analysis
  2. Writing the implementation project
  3. Installation of the application in a SaaS model
  4. System launch
  5. User training
  6. Payroll calculation
  7. Consultant assistance in daily work
  8. System acceptance
  9. Further program development.


Tasks before implementation:

  • The immediate challenge was to quickly begin work on the implementation as the company had just started its operations.
  • The Teta HR system was launched as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, installed in the cloud and prepared for future development in parallel with the development of Workpol.
  • The Teta HR system also offers temporary work support in Workpol, which required additional pre-implementation analysis to determine the client’s most important needs in this area.

Challenges in the implementation process:

  • During the system installation, the structure and needs of the company were emerging, which the Teta program had to meet.
  • The system parameters were modified on an ongoing basis to allow for efficient customer service for Workpol.
  • In response to growing demand, we supported Workpol in personnel and payroll management, as well as assisted in salary calculation.


Benefits of TETA system implementation:

  • The biggest success of the program implementation was the ability to start working in the system almost immediately, which streamlined HR processes for our client. Thanks to this, Workpol employees could start serving their clients with excellent IT support, which translated into faster HR department work and better information flow in the company.
  • Additionally, the first payrolls were calculated by our consultants, which made it possible to present a range of Teta possibilities on a live organism and adapt dedicated solutions to the client’s needs.
  • Currently, the program supports around 420 temporary agency employees, and this number is constantly growing with the company’s development (these are employees on employment contracts and orders).
  • Installing the application was just the beginning of our cooperation. In parallel with the development of Workpol, we are also developing Teta applications, adding new payroll components or creating dedicated reports. This way, Workpol can use automated electronic document flow in the cloud and fulfill its obligations to its clients at the highest level.

What our clients say about us?

Workpol is a recruitment and temporary work agency that recruits employees for every industry. It offers headhunting and outsourcing services to its clients, ensuring the highest quality of services provided. Its team is made up of HR professionals and experienced recruiters.

Radosław Zawada Partner Manager at Unit4 Polska

We are pleased that Workpol, a recruitment and temporary work agency, has joined the group of companies using Teta solutions. Thanks to the efficient implementation carried out by our Partner, Workpol can use our Teta HR system in a SaaS model. Our solution ensures the organization of HR processes and conducting activities in accordance with applicable legal regulations. I am convinced that the Teta HR system will streamline personnel and payroll processes in the face of rapidly changing regulations, allowing Workpol employees to focus on tasks that impact business development.

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