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Tricentis Tosca

What is Tricentis Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca is a Continuous Testing platform that accelerates testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps. With the industry’s most innovative functional testing technologies, Tricentis Tosca breaks through the barriers experienced with conventional testing tools.

Using Tricentis Tosca, enterprise teams achieve unprecedented 90%+ test automation rates—enabling them to deliver the fast and continuous feedback required for Agile and DevOps.

Unlike legacy test platforms, Tricentis Tosca is architected to enable sustainable test automation for today’s fast-paced development processes. When business processes change, just update the Tricentis Tosca model, and impacted tests are automatically synchronized.

What does Tricentis Tosca provide?

  • Easier test automation;
  • Automates tests across all layers of modern enterprise architectures— from the API, to web, mobile, and custom/packaged app UIs, to BI and data warehouses;
  • Helping the entire team collaborate to quickly expose critical defects;
  • Ensuring that appropriate test data is always available to the automated tests;
  • Simulating the behavior of dependent systems unavailable during test execution;
  • You can innovate faster with less business risk and speedier time-to-delivery than legacy SAP testing tools.

Our Competences:

  • 14 certified consultants;
  • We developed sucessfully most in invoice debit and credite notice, inovoice cancellation as well as price condition mainteance.

Benefits of using Tricentis Tosca:

  • Easy maintenance of test automation;
  • Relieves the “maintenance burden” that undermines test automation initiatives;
  • Savings in SAP project resource spending;
  • Deliver fast feedback for Agile and DevOps;
  • Reduce regression testing time to minutes;
  • Providing real-time insight into risk with business-focused, actionable results;
  • Integrate and extend existing test assets (HPE UFT, Selenium, SoapUI…)

Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your Tricentis Tosca needs

Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your Tricentis Tosca needs