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Promotion / sales deal

By using promotion and sales campaigns we can define additional pricing conditions for customers. In promotions and sales campaigns we can define the validity period, the customer, material and price conditions to which they relate. Defined promotions and sales campaigns allow the system to automatically reduce the price for customer including defined criteria.

Profitability segment

The combination of CO-PA characteristics that provides information about products, clients, sales etc.

Profit Center

It is an organizational unit representing an area of responsibility for costs and profits in an organization.

Primary cost element

Indicates the origin of external costs incurred by the entity. Primary cost element corresponds directly to a general ledger account. It is a point of integration between SAP FI and SAP CO modules.

Pricing procedure

Pricing procedure contains information about the possible types of pricing conditions, to what extent pricing able to be processed manually or which method SAP should use to calculate percentage surcharges and discounts.

Pricing condition records

Every price condiction (e.g. price, discount, surcharge, taxes, etc.) is separately defined and it contains all the necessary details.


The pricing is a broad concept which includes configuration and any otherarrangements that define the different types of pricing conditions (net price, gross price, discounts, surcharges, taxes, cost of production, profit margin etc.).

Portfolio Analyzer

SAP Portfolio Analyzer is a set of tools dedicated to multidimensional analysis of transaction / portfolio effectiveness and profitability. It allows you to calculate and measure ROI in several ways (TWRR, MWRR) or to compare the realized results with the beforehand planned targets or with the self-constructed or market benchmarks.


The plant plays a major role in logistics and sales. When we create, process, produce or transport an item, the system automatically determine the related plant of item’s master data. Without a specific plant, any process connected with the item is not possible to process in the system.

Periodic reposting

Periodic reposting is executed at the end of a period to allocate costs from cost centers to other SAP CO objects.