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Document type

A special type of document that is used to enter into the SAP system different kinds of information. A separate type of document is created for suppliers, customers, materials, plant and equipment, command postings to the general ledger accounts.

Document flow

Document flow contains information about the created documents related to each other within the executed process. From the document flow, we are able to see what has been done in the process and preview the details of displaying documents directly from the document flow.

Document feader

The main part of the document. It specifies the date of issue of the document, posting date, document type, VAT, supplier or recipient, terms of payment, form of payment

Distribution cycle

A process executed at the end of a period used to allocate primary costs to SAP CO objects. Senders are debited with a primary cost element.

Determining a partner

Partners in SAP SD correspond to different types of customers. In SAP they are represented by group account. Roles of partner are assigned to specific group accounts (eg. sold-to party, payer, bill-to party, goods recipient). Depending on  system configuration and customer master data, while creating sales order in the sales process, system can automatically determine the appropriate roles we partner. Often in the sales process often another customer is responsible for the order to another location and another customer is invoiced. Thanks to the determination of a partner in the system, we are able to reflect these relationships in a simple way.


Derivatives are a group of financial instruments that are mostly used for hedging purposes. Derivatives supported by SAP may cover currency and interest rate risk linked to external risk exposures. SAP allows processing a wide spectrum of derivatives – starting with very standard and popular Swaps (IRS, CIRS), through CAPs and FLOORs up to many different options (vanilla, barrier, Asian) and option strategies.

Depreciation key

Depreciation key defines the amount of depreciation.It is assigned to each asset in its basic data. This enables automatic calculation of the depreciation of each asset.

Debt Management

SAP may help you with comprehensive processing of debt instruments that allow a company to raise extra capital from the market. By offering a good price to the market a company has an outstanding opportunity to get some money from another source than the banks. SAP functionality fully supports the process of security issuance.