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Client Description

Eurocash is the leader in wholesale distribution of the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)  in Poland. The client had newly acquired a company and needed assistance integrating the new group into the client’s current organization.  BPX consultants aided the client in carrying out the implementation of the company taken over by Eurocash group within SAP ERP.​

BPX Solution

  • BPX consultants developed a blueprint and implemented the exchange of information with several banks at the same time​

The implementation covered:​

  • Payments in PLN​
  • Foreign currencies & bank statements in different formats​
  • Delta analysis

Client Outcomes

  • High level of posting automation was achieved, including calculating exchange rates differences​
  • Automation, streamlining and full integration of the new company into the current structure​
  • ​Recognized the ability to more easily work with foreign currencies