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We’ve often heard from our Clients how tough and challenging were their RGM journeys – not only delaying the expected business benefit, but also impacting the overall ‘customer’ satisfaction.

To answer those issues we’ve decided to develop our own “Strategic Data Connectors” solution. This unique portfolio of SAP-specific features allows quick and easy data integration between SAP and all your RGM Applications making long and painful rollouts an obsolete concept. Now you can finally put the focus where it should be - in strategic planning of your promotional activities.

But what if your ways of working and custom processes go far beyond the well-known “standard”? We’ve got you covered! Our continuously growing team of RGM architects supported by business experts will design and develop a solution that will fit the requirements of your Organization just right!

Our RGM Solutions were build based on shared experience of our associates originating from different consulting areas and CPG companies, with high influence of revenue managers who are internal part of the team. This way we can make sure our tools address the most painful challenges that RGM integration projects introduce.
Through our partnering with global providers of leading SaaS solution we can openly say - we’ve got the RGM processes covered end-to-end.

Elements of RGM-ERP

We are committed to continuously evaluating and improving the portfolio of our technology solutions and partnerships to make sure our Clients can get the best benefits through our architecture’s main attributes:

  • Re-usable
    Our tools can be installed on any instance of Client’s SAP and configured to specific needs of selected organization or SaaS RGM application, with minimum impact on global system landscape
  • Robust
    Designed with use of modern integration technologies, like web-services and optimized to handle large data without high performance impact
  • Scalable
    Once installed our modules can be easily rolled-out to as many markets as required through flexible dedicated configuration – minimizing risk and effort of additional developments during even the largest Rollout Programme
  • Reliable
    Built with years of RGM experience in mind to avoid the more and less usual integration problems - every application is equipped with additional support features as well as reconciliation capabilities when necessary.

Integrated financial

Revenue Management

Yes, we can go faster!

  • The plug-and-play integration provided by Revenue Management Solutions Strategic Data Connectors approach can save up to 8 months of time required to develop just the key integration modules,
  • Flexible configuration can save up to 50% of time required for your Rollout Programme delivering working tools to the business visibly faster compared to the “traditional” integration project methodology,
  • Our solutions are designed and developed by architects and experts with wide RGM experience, therefore assuring coverage of even less common business processes and requirements,
  • RMS tools already address lots of challenges and issues that otherwise could be met during the RGM journey – therefore saving time in troubleshooting and future adjustments.

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