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We solve big RGM customer problems

We leverage 180 years of combined experience in Revenue Growth Management space to solve customer problems of any size across the business functions claiming the role of European leader in the space of Revenue Growth Management integration and solution deployment.

We are your business partner

Our continuously growing, industry-leading team of 40+ RGM passionate partnered with leading CPG companies to improve value from trade investments across the world –from leading multi-million-dollar global programs to developing solutions to critical user experience and usability problems. We have the right people to support every phase of your Revenue Solution Development and Rollout Program.

We unlock value with the best in class technology platforms

Through partnering with global providers of leading SaaS solutions and developing our own Revenue Growth Management products - we have customer needs covered.
Having a full understanding how reliable and flawless integration is key to a successful RGM journey through multi-vendor, microservice product environment, puts us in a global lead of RGM solution providers.

Let us guide you through Data Integration for RGM

Now you can request our business analysis to see how available Revenue Management Solutions can support your strategic goals. Learn how Trade Promotion Management can fit into the ERP and Supply Chain ecosystem increasing operational efficiency in your Organization.

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Stop waiting for developments, start optimizing

Our ready, from-the-box solutions let companies like yours shorten the RGM implementation time by up to 50%. Thanks to modular architecture we can easily configure our products according to Your needs with minimum or no coding at all!

RMS Associates put together wide experience in both Business and IT side of RGM giving us the best foundation to build efficient and reliable integration solutions, as well as help your business in optimizing Revenue Growth Management.

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The expertise is here. Let us help You!

BPX Revenue Management Solutions combine years of experience from many different RGM implementations in numerous business segments globally – all gathered in one scalable team of architects, consultants and developers.

Well optimized rollout team is more than just IT – it needs RGM business practitioners. The practical knowledge of our Experts helps optimally choose the configuration of the solution, taking into account not only system aspects, but also future users and adjustments relevant for the company's strategy.
What can we say - we are proud of our unique set of skills.

Our consulting services

Global coverage with
country-specific experience

During our RGM journey we’ve not only covered global programs for our Clients – Leaders in CPG segment - we’ve additionally had a chance to experience the unique specifics of various countries and how route-to-market model or legal limitations influence the way Revenue Management is executed. Yes, we already know what makes a difference between RGM in US, China or Germany and we are happy to share that knowledge with you.

On top of that we’re probably one of very few companies with major role in the implementation projects involving some of the best known RGM Solutions, like Visualfabriq, CAS, Acumen Invest, Xtel …

With Central Europe becoming a Hub for Financial and Procurement Services and as company based in Poland we take the lead role in the region to deliver End-to-End solutions – cooperating with RGM Software providers, developing integration packages and offering full consultancy support for our Clients.

BPX RMS global experience

Few words from the change makers

One of BPX main goals is to deliver top quality products and services, helping our Clients in minimizing the chance of expensive mistakes. That’s why our daily cooperation is based on mutuality and deep understanding of Partner’s ultimate requirements.

Revenue Management is not a good place for experiments. Solid data integration between ERP and TPM gives us the trustworthy foundation to quickly react to dynamic market situation.
Strategic Revenue Manager
CPG industry
The unusual data volumes exchanged in Revenue processes require reliable solution architecture. With a help from experienced RGM architects we’ve managed to visibly reduce the time and effort investment in building the RGM ecosystem.
Integration Architect
Digital Technology, CPG Industry

Also, don’t miss the most recent integration case studies that our Experts share – showing how expertise and dedicated solution can help organizations put RGM pieces together in more optimized way.

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