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Infor Operating System

Document Management

Document Management

Document Management is a tool for managing enterprise’s files and documentation. The product allows versioning, building workflows and document acceptance processes based on definable roles. Thanks to flexible reference building mechanisms, documents supported by the module can be used directly from the ERP system level (e.g. Infor CloudSuite Industrial).



Ming.Le is a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, information flow and contextual analytics. The solution provides most innovative information exchange (social media groups, boards/walls and other) translated into the business environment and fully integrated across business processes. Communicate, exchange information from business applications, share documents, plans, photos, videos in one centralized location. All activities and records are registered and can be easily searched through.

Construction of extensions

Mongoose Paas

Mongoose is a programming platform fully integrated with all Infor solutions the platform is based on Microsoft technologies (.NET / C#) and allows designing, building and deploying applications. It includes tools such as App Builder allowing users to accelerate programming work based on existing patterns, collections and data sets. Applications created on Mongoose are automatically available via web interfaces (browsers), on mobile devices as well as desktop applications.

Interface (UX)


Soho user components is a collection of predefined options to design and build applications using a unified look (UX). All ERP and OS package products are built on one visual platform. It is possible to develop new extensions and comprehensive applications using the same platform with Mongoose.

api / interfaces / integrations


Infor ION is a secure integration bus that enables users to create data flows between Infor applications (based on available by default BOD templates – data exchanges) and third-party applications (flexible creation of templates and mappings). The application has several components, including the Workflow module that allows users to plan information flows and exchange. All business processes can be combined within ION, providing in effect better monitoring of execution and process stages.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)


Infor Coleman is artificial intelligence (AI) solution that will significantly accelerate the performance of operational activities and data retrieval. The platform is based on machine learning which comes from industry templates provided by Infor. The product was designed to combine business processes and artificial intelligence. Its design is focused on business users – not programmers. Coleman helps users in performing their tasks while recommending the best solutions in any given situation.

Data Management

Data Lake

The end-to-end solution for your Big Data needs, Comprehensive analysis of schemas are possible thanks to direct connection with the whole ecosystem, allowing for more accurate decisions based on analytics. Infor Data Lake area consists of three main components: Data Lake Storage (repository for storing data from multiple systems), Data Lake Metagraph (relational layers, graphic modeling), Data Lake Catalog (intelligent metadata management).

Device Connectiviy


Solutions available since 2018 include collecting data from sensors in a safe manner, on a large scale and from anywhere. The data collected from the sensors are synchronized with the resources / objects of the connected systems. The solution is integrated with IoT AWS (Amazon Web Services), which allows users to use the scalability and stability of the solution. By combining with Birst (BI) it is possible to aggregate data from hundreds of thousands of IoT devices and model them into a coherent metric framework. This makes it possible to track and analyze performance, security, compliance or efficiency.


Federated Services

Federated Services is a solution aiming to improve IT security. It allows for single login and switching between applications. With Infor Federation Services, users can manage permissions on all Infor systems in a centralized location. This product allows to assign roles and permissions and works in integration with AD FS offered by Windows Server.

Compliance / Locations

Infor is a cloud-based localization service that allows you to gain better control of your international operations. . You can manage region-specific information such as government reporting requirements, tax accounting, and banking information that apply to your business Data transfer from the ERP system is based on Infor ION what makes it possible to integrate data from other systems or flat files.

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Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your Infor Operating System needs

Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your Infor Operating System needs