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    If you’re looking for multidimensional analysis to help you make quick and accurate business decisions, BPX Consultants can help you deploy and implement Qlik within your organization.

    Be informed by Qlik’s collaborative, advanced visualization and integration from multiple sources, allowing the end-user to create their own ad-hoc analysis based on real data.

    BPX is an authorized Qlik partner, and our BPX consultants stand ready to help you recognize the power of informed decision making with a Qlik solution.

    Proof of concept (SIB - Seeing Is Believing)

    BPX offers you SiB – Seeing is Believing. What it means is that you can check out Qlik with your company’s data.

    Our consultant will create your first Qlik application and then you can use it during the 30 day test time.

    Implementation services

    After completing the process of gathering all your data in one of these platforms, our consultants provide full training for your users and further development for your applications.

    System maintenance

    Should something about your QV or QS application need improvement, we are prepared to take this burden off your shoulders.
    Our experience in Qlik development includes multinational pharmaceutical and automotive companies based in USA, RPA and practically all European countries.


    Has your business structure changed? Perhaps your applications began to run more slowly? It’s time for a QV and/or QS audit. Our team is prepared to help you with:

    • Improving efficiency
    • Optimizing licensing
    • Creating custom applications


    We provide trainings tailored to suit the needs of both new and existing Qlik customers.

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