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    We provide our services to customers implementing and operating ERP (SAP, Infor) and BI systems, directly and in cooperation with the largest consulting companies in large and complex projects. These are projects, in which we are responsible for implementing the system in specific areas of the company’s operation.

    Our competences, or what we do:

    1. Preparation of the project

    In order to choose the right system, it should be carefully analysed which aspects of it will be tailored to the type of the market.

    Our specialists will recognize your business expectations and analyse the ERP and BI system in terms of these requirements.

    2. Business and functional analysis

    The purpose of the analysis is to properly prepare the entire process and to plan the work accordingly. It starts with “kick-offs”, i.e. meetings of teams that are responsible for the implementation of the project. During the analysis, the consultants collect data from the customer and then develop the target business process models.

    3. Preparation of the implementation concept

    At this stage, a document is prepared to implement the customer’s needs and business requirements. Test environments are generated, in which the configuration follows the requirements. Specific modifications are designed (user interfaces, report modifications, complex functional addons).

    4. Realization

    The aim of the realization, the so-called construction, is to create and test system elements. During this stage, functionalities tailored to customer expectations, the creation of integration and interfaces, as well as the test migration processes of data take place.

    5. Training and tests

    At this stage, our consultants provide training for end users. The aim of the training is to prepare the customer to independent and trouble-free use of the system.

    6. Starting the system

    At this stage, the implementation of activities is transferred to the new system. The final tests of the new system operation and definite data migration to the production version are carried out.

    7. Post-implementation support

    In order to guarantee uninterrupted work in the most demanding period (immediately after commissioning), the consultants provide their knowledge to the customer, and in case of any problems in operation, any defects can be swiftly removed.

    8. System development

    The support and development application offers our customers with the opportunity to access advanced resources, experienced and reliable partners, which guarantees the right results in efficiency (time and costs).

    What makes us different?
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