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  • Establishment of BPX
    1 January 2006

    A group of SAP consultants with many years of experience strengthens cooperation, appearing under a common name

    BPX Sp. Z o.o.
    1 June 2006

    BPX Sp. z o.o. based in Wroclaw is formally established

    Change in the business model
    1 November 2007

    The beginning of the development of own team of consultants

    1 June 2008

    The company enters the market of systems for medium-sized enterprises diversifying its operations

    Implementation of the SAP system
    1 January 2010

    Independent implementation of the SAP system in ZCH Siarkopol. Several large projects in the 3rd in the world FMCG industry company. The BPX team consists of 15 people. BPX is a partner of Quiterian BI 2.0.

    Participation in international projects
    1 January 2011

    Participation in many international projects in such countries as China, ZEA, RPA, France, the Netherlands, UK, Hungary, Austria, Dania, etc.

    Partnership with QlikTech
    1 December 2012

    Partnership with QlikTech, the leader of Business Discovery solutions – Business Intelligence systems that give full control over data analysis to business users.

    Office in Warsaw
    1 January 2013

    Opening an office in Warsaw. Independent implementation of SAP in Global Cosmed S.A. First implementations of QlikView. The BPX team consists of 57 people.

    Partnership with Infor
    1 November 2013

    We have become a partner of the Infor company – the third supplier of business software in the world. The Infor ERP SyteLine system is intended mainly for manufacturing companies.

    1 January 2014

    The next step confirming systematic and stable development was to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange market. After ownership changes, BPX S.A. was listed on NewConnect.

    1 April 2014

    Establishing cooperation with the Solutions Lab company, which offers its own SFA class solutions (Sales Force Automation) dedicated mainly to sales representatives.

    A new office
    1 May 2014

    Opening a new office in Wroclaw. Completion of a 3-year SAP implementation project in Russia. Launch of the SAP Treasury project in the Benelux countries. Further implementations of QlikView. The BPX team consists of 87 people.

    1 May 2014

    Establishing cooperation with the APlus company, which created the original overlay for the AutoCAD program. The overlay is intended mainly for architects.

    Partnership with SAP
    1 August 2014

    We have become a partner of the SAP company – the leader in the application market for enterprises. We provide comprehensive services related to the implementation, development and maintenance of SAP ERP and SAP Business All-in-One systems.

    Silver Infor Channel Partner
    4 August 2015

    BPX became the “Silver Infor Partner”. The title “SILVER INFOR CHANNEL PARTNER” is awarded only to those partners who meet the strictly defined criteria for cooperation.

    Automotive, Industrial & Aerospace
    1 December 2017

    BPX obtained confirmation of its competences in the area of Automotive, Industrial & Aerospace gaining the Qlik specialization officially recognized in this area.

    A new office in Katowice
    14 February 2018