You are invited to Altair's Future.Industry 2023 conference - BPX

Together with our technology partner Altair, we would like to invite you to the Future.Industry conference on 8-9 March, where we’ll explore the latest megatrends impacting our world:
👉 electrification,
👉 the data-driven enterprise,
👉 AI-driven simulation, and more!
Join us to discover how the convergence of simulation, HPC, and AI can unlock the full potential of your technology investments.
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During the 2-day conference, we will hear speeches from company employees:
👉 LG,
👉 BBC,
👉 Ford
👉 Altair,
👉 Forrester,
👉 Leonardo,
👉 and Columbia University.
We will hear about the Metaverse, cloud, AL, machine learning and intelligent computing, among others.

📝 The full agenda including speakers can be found on the event website: