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Consulting is an ultimate approach to get quick support in areas where you feel you miss internal know how. Experience gained in numbers of Revenue Growth Management implementations across industries with word wide scale is a unique BPX offer on the market.

Our Revenue Management Solutions team of 40+ experienced associates was built not just by a coincidence (and we’re still growing!).

We’ve created optimal knowledge combination of key integration Revenue Growth Management pillars:

  • From very effective technology to transfer data from SAP to RGM systems ...
  • Through different types of contract management and retrospective rebates functionality ...
  • To fully automatic accruals processing

And we have the right, comprehensive skillset in our team to deliver it:

  • Our Architects can design the required solutions,
  • Development can be covered by one of our highly specialized Programmers,
  • Consultants and analysts will efficiently roll-out the solution in the Organization,
  • ... while our Project Managers and Scrum Masters will lead the Programme.

This way we can manage the entire Project Life Cycle for our Clients, allowing end user to focus on their jobs. Simply creating and post-evaluating promotions to drive the margin up.

But we cannot forget that in the well balance integration team, beside top class IT specialists there has to be an experienced person from the other side of the fence. Having former revenue managers in our ranks we can naturally put together data integration architecture with its practical application.

Thanks to that unique combination we are able to provide best in class consultancy which maximizes the application of IT solution according to your Business Strategy.

And what’s in it for You and Your organization?

Optimal RGM solution, designed and built with Your Strategy in mind will guarantee the robust and durable competitive advantage. Choosing BPX you will reduce to minimum the risk of painful, expensive and time consuming mistakes.

Years of experience gave us confidence that our methodology and pre-developed “Strategic Data Connectors” integration modules will allow us to cover requirements of even most sophisticated RGM tool. And we can do it surprisingly quickly!

Now you can also order strategic analysis of your RGM needs.

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