Revenue Management Solutions (kopia EN) - BPX

How can I swiftly translate insights into operational actions?
How can I secure customer satisfaction at every step of Promo Sales and Supply Chain?
How can I accelerate implementation of RGM for the whole organization achieving faster Return on Investment?

You’re not the first one to ask these questions...

  • Contact us to learn more on how Trade Promotion Management can fit into the ERP and Supply Chain ecosystem increasing operational efficiency.
  • Experience the Solutions that change the way Internal and External Data sources reinforce the foundations of Strategic Revenue Management.


In BPX we fully focus on development of tools and competencies that support TPM Applications’ integration.

Our rollout teams have the capabilities to manage and execute implementations of TPM/Revenue Growth Management programs.

Growing team
of 40+ associates

  • Solution Architects
  • SAP ERP Experts
  • ABAP Developers
  • Integration Experts
  • Scrum Masters
  • Project Managers

We are constantly increasing our resources of qualified consultants.

TPM-ERP integration experience

BPX has taken a part in large TPM Rollout programs as dedicated partner responsible for integration area.

Thanks to years of ERP and TPM experience and dynamically expanding team of experts we are able to provide project coverage as well as ready-to-use integration package.

Plug & Play

Solutions with a unified "Plug - & - Play" architecture:

  • reducing time needed for implementation and rollout,
  • saving resources and development budget,
  • reducing expenses on Program maintenance.

Or to put it simply... let you enjoy your Optimized Trade Investments much faster.

Comprehensive support

In addition to integration solutions implementation we provide comprehensive services including: process and function design, development and configuration in SAP SD / FI / CO and COPA, project management.

What benefits will I have from this product?

  • no development needed = activate instead of design+build,
  • flexible configuration = easier roll-outs,
  • minimum required data = reduced traffic,
  • consistent monitoring of entire RGM integration.

What makes this product different?

  • extracts any sales and rebate pricing conditions, incl. product cost,
  • initial load and daily delta transfer modes available,
  • custom message format with minimum required data,
  • built-in packaging/split of messages,
  • flexible configuration,
  • can be reused even outside RGM if needed.

Customer Pricing Extraction - a sample product of Revenue Management Solutions