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Try Before Buying

Try Before Buying enables to test the capabilities of the Qlik platform, solving a specific business or reporting problem presented by the client. The project is realized within 5 business days. After completion, the client receives free trial licenses for a period of 30 days, which enable him to test the solution in a full server environment.

The project consists of 3 phases:

  • Determination of the business case that will be the subject of TBB
  • Installation of the environment and preparation of the report
  • Presentation of the report and short trainings concerning the possibility of self service

The pilot project in Qlik significantly differs from the standard project – Proof of Concept. The following comparison presents main differences between the standard PoC and the TBB project:

PoC (Proof of Concept)
TBB (Try Before Buying)
It focuses on the issue – whether it is possible to do something in a technical manner. It is often an example of a technical solution detached from business.
It focuses on solving a client’s specific business situation. It aims to show the value of the tool in a specific business case provided by the client.
Purpose – proof of a technical concept (only)
Purpose – to prove the business value for a specific client in a certain business process
The solution is usually prepared on demonstration data – suppliers rarerly work in this phase on data provided by the client
Prepared only on real data provided by the client
It is prepared (practically) only remotely (some defects can be hidden)
Work with the client – it can also be presented in the on-site scenario (defects are not hidden, full transparency of the solution)

The Try Before Buying project aims to show business value in a particular case. Full transparency of the project enables to see the tool in a real light, without hiding disadvantages and artificially exaggerating advantages.

How to test the Business Intelligence system and find out that this investment is a good choice?
Check out the TBB – TRY BEFORE BUYING brochure and find out more about our pilot project!

Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your Try Before Buying needs

Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your Try Before Buying needs