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Each organization needs a quick and specific information about changes in its business environment.

Ping – is a tool for convenient informing about incidents and directing, if necessary, to the appropriate dashboard – in order to deepen the analysis.

What does it do?

It provides intelligent alerting in the Business Intelligence environment.

After connection to the environment, it sends information (according to the operating rules) about status or significant changes in business situation. This enables to manage faster and on the basis of data-driven business decisions.

What does it give? Benefits

It informs about changes and directs users to the adequate dashboard

Increases the use of data and BI applications by users

Respond to exceptions (as soon as possible)

How does it work?

Ping connects to the BI environment via API. It activates the alert on the basis of the data contained in dashboards and defined by the rules contained in its friendly interface. It sends information through a specified channel of communication such as e-mail message or mobile application. It directs to the application in order to check the alert in a more thorough way.

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