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Our competences


We offer comprehensive implementation of Infor system or selected additional modules. We implement CloudSuite projects based on Infor methodology. The package of design works includes, among others:

  • Technical and business analysis
  • Modeling and describing the solution
  • Configuration and necessary extensions
  • User training
  • Functional and technical tests
  • Data migration
  • Launch support (GoLive)
  • We focus on achieving goals when providing our services!

During the provision of services, we focus on achieving goals!

Business Support

After the system has gone live, we support users in business activities. As part of support package, we offer the following support team services via portal / mail / telephone:

  • Support in carrying out business processes
  • Answers to functional questions
  • Analysis of system data based on reported needs
  • Analysis and resolution of functional errors
    (e.g. improvement path after incorrectly performed process)
  • Data migrations
  • Troubleshooting errors, failures, faults

IT Support

We offer full support in maintaining IT infrastructure by ensuring:

  • Technical service (administration of databases and servers)
  • Answers to functional and technical questions
  • Monitoring of technical infrastructure
  • Technical monitoring of Infor systems
  • Maintenance of technical infrastructure
  • Construction and maintenance of network infrastructure
  • Documentation of work carried out and systems maintained

System development

As part of cooperation we offer the possibility to develop currently running Infor systems. We implement changes in accordance with Infor’s methodology based on the software manufacturer’s standards which does not interfere with potential upgrade processes.  Works that can be carried out include:

  • Creating fields and dictionaries
  • Creating screens and forms
  • Modification of business processes existing in the system
  • Creating / modifying existing reports or printouts
  • Creating / modifying analytical statements and KPIs
  • Creation / modification of labels with automatic printouts after the transaction
  • Designing business processes, including data transfer between different process stage

Audits / Health Check

We run broadly understood optimization projects:

  • Business Processes
  • Technical

We specialize in performing the ERP Health Check procedure. We analyze the condition of the system, the efficiency of implemented processes and check the efficiency of IT infrastructure. As part of the procedure we focus on potential return on investment and benefits that can be achieved by improving selected areas. We strive to:

  • Discover the potential of unused functionalities
  • Get a satisfactory return on investment (ROI)
  • Obtain correct information directly from the system
  • Ensure data consistency, purity, and transparency

Dedicated programming tasks

The programming team specializes in creating customer-specific applications that can be extensions of Infor products and independent solutions covering any business processes. The programming competences we focus on are:

  • .NET
  • C #
  • MS SQL
  • T-SQL

We have created, among others:

  • Applications for automated production reporting connected to direct interfaces with production machines
  • Applications for quality data management based on data collected from measuring machines
  • Direct interfaces between systems based on ETL processes (both using Microsoft SSIS and Infor ION tools)
  • Portal for suppliers (web portal integrated with ERP allowing exchange of information with suppliers)
  • Customer portal (web portal integrated with ERP allowing exchange of information with customers)
  • Portal Support (an independent tool that allows you to operate the website)

.NET Developers

T-SQL Developers

Business consultants

Support consultants

Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your BPX Partner Infor [EN] needs

Click here for more information about how BPX can help you with your BPX Partner Infor [EN] needs