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Money Market

In the area of Money Market you may process transactions concluded on the most popular financial instrument from all over the world. Among these instruments there are: deposits on fixed / floating interest rate, deposits at notice, commercial papers, credits and credit lines. SAP supports you with handling end-to-end processing of the money market transactions – starting with their creation, through settlement, and execution of postings and obligatory period end processing (currency valuation, interest accruals).

Material hierarchy

In the standard version of SAP system, the product hierarchy consists of up to three levels. That enables you to use it for pricing or statistical analysis. You can also set product structure, for example  A-Lotion-500BOT which means that it is a lotion of A brand in 500 ml bottle.

Material determination

SAP system gives the opportunity to set the automatic substitution of material numbers in sales documents during process. By this option, SAP can substitutes specific material with your own numbers, with EANs or during the specified period.

Market Risk Analyzer

SAP Market Risk Analyzer is as set of complementary tools to analyse market risk based on current market data and the concluded financial deals stored in SAP Transaction Manager. The solution also enables you to process “What-if scenario” analysis (Sensitivity analysis) based on pre-defined market criteria like interest rate fluctuation, bonds profitability and many other market factors including commodity prices or FX rates.

Mandatory fields

SAP system provides three types of fields:

  • filled in automatically,
  • optional,
  • mandatory.

Until the required field is not completed the system does not allow us to go further.