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Free goods

SAP system provides the ability to implement discount in nature, which means that after configuration, system automatically calculate how much extra goods should appear in the sales order.

Foreign Exchange

In terms of the FX market, SAP offers you full support of processing:

  • FX Spots,
  • FX Forwards,
  • NDFs and FX Swaps.

As with Money Market instruments, SAP supports complete end-to-end processing of the currency transactions – including currency valuation of FX Forwards (which may be processed in one of several ways – manually entered forward rates, spot rates on valuation date, interpolated rate or even on a basis of manually entered NPV).

Fixed assets classes

Each entity records the assets held by groups. This is due to legal and tax purposes. SAP also is reflected and defined group of assets. It is the most important division inside the module FI-AA. Group’s assets also play a role purely technical, as determined displayed in the data record information assets and depreciation of basic data (eg. A group of “Transport” will be available to complete the “Vehicle registration number” and a group of “Assets under construction “will not be amortized. For each group of assets is assigned a range of numbers, which allows for easy identification of an individual component in its issue number.

Field status group

Field status variant determines which fields are shown or required when creating data records.