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Private Equity owned Avantor Performance Materials had a need to reduce its Application Support costs. Avantor initially attempted to use an India based application support provider but was dissatisfied with the poor service level results.

Avantor engaged with BPX to provide Application Management Services.

BPX Solution

  • BPX Application Support Team was engaged to support Avantor’s applications including: SAP, Qlikview and ServiceNow
  • The BPX Team provides a combination of fully dedicated resources and scalable part time experts
  • BPX Application Teams provide access to low cost support experts while providing scalable ramp up capacity to support changing business needs

Client Outcomes

  • Avantor Application Support Costs reduced by 50%
  • Avantor experienced a Service Level improvement over the former India-based Application Support Provider
  • Scalable, low cost resource model was implemented enabling Avantor to access expert application resources on an as-needed basis