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In the twenty-first century, each large company needs advanced IT solutions to operate properly and to develop. The case of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is slightly different. For those companies MS Office and their own applications were enough, but because the market is getting more demanding, that situation is changing. Since few years SAP AG is the biggest player at the business software market.

SAP AG offers the group of enterprise applications (for example: SAP Supplier Relationships Management SAP SRM, SAP Supply Chain Management SAP SCM, SAP Product Lifecycle Management SAP PLM, SAP Customer Relationship Management SAP CRM, SAP Enterprise Resourcing Planning SAP ERP etc.)to improve every aspect of business. These applications give a huge advantage to companies because they cover all the critical functional areas in a business (accounting, analysis, human resource, logistics, purchasing, sales, service, production, etc.). Due to high costs and lengthy process of implementation, only large companies can afford to have these solutions. However, to meet the expectations of the SME, SAP AG has developed SAP Business All-in-One (AIO). This is a solution designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, and it enables to control all business processes taking place in the company. Target market is not the only difference between SAP AIO and standard SAP. Other differences are: the range of the solution, the cost and time of the implementation and the level of risk associated with the implementation.

It is clear that the number of business processes taking place in big companies is much greater than in small and medium-sized enterprises, that’s why AIO solution was limited to the most important functional areas: accounting, financial analysis, logistics processes, production and sales. In practice, it turns out that they cover at least 90% of the processes occurring in the Polish companies. The great advantage of SAP All-in-One is its high scalability. Thanks to it, there is no problem with adding new applications to the system. As for the risk, time and implement cost – these three factors are closely related. SAP AIO is a solution that is based on over 30 years of experience of SAP, which is connected with the fact that this solution consists of the best practices that have been previously tested and their reliability is guaranteed. Therefore the risk of the project has been reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the fact that most business processes do not require additional configuration, the company can reap the benefits of the new system as soon as three months after the start of implementation. The costs associated with the implementation of AIO are much lower than for the standard SAP solutions. At this point, you can ask why SMEs should decide on the implementation of SAP Business All-in-One? At the time when there is a huge competition, customers become increasingly demanding to survive and to grow at the same time, companies have to invest in innovation.

SAP AG – the market world’s leading provider of business software – has over 86000 customers. SAP Business All-in-One is a world-class software adapted to the needs of businesses in terms of demand in their industry, which provides a high yield. AIO’s aim is to meet all the current needs of businesses and to develop along with changes in the company. SAP All-in-One gives the opportunity to rapid respond to changes in environment and effective implementation of all operational activities; the transparency of information through a continually updated reports; the consistency of information across all organizational units; improved decision-making at every organizational level of the company. Significantly, SAP Business All-in-One is constantly updated and adapted for the requirements of Polish law.

As everyone knows, in twenty-first century each company wants to increase productivity, optimize the processes taking place in business, as well as to reduce costs. This statement refers to both: the large corporations and the smallest companies. Until recently, only the first group was able to achieve its objectives through the solutions offered by the world market leader – SAP, therefore, worth mentioning is the creation of SAP Business All-in-One – an information system developed for the SME business market.

Rafał Klawikowski
SAP AIO Consultant and SAP Logistics Consultant

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