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QlikView Business Discovery is an innovative business analytics solution designed for ordinary people, and not for IT specialists. As it is simple and intuitive to use, the performance of even the most sophisticated analyses based on varied data sources becomes as easy as never before.

QlikView users do not waste time looking for information on how to execute a report, or carry out an analysis of the situation of their company. Access to source data (from spreadsheets, ERP and CRM systems, databases and data warehouses, and even social networking sites), allows you to quickly get valuable information that enable making right decisions.

Why QlikView?Show

For several years, the popularity of Business Intelligence tools has been growing.
This is mostly due to:

  • increasing competition in each sector of the market,

  • constant search for innovation,

  • looking for savings in the management of resources held,

  • an enormous growth of data resources held by every organization.

As a result of this, people responsible for making decisions need more and more powerful tools that facilitate the collection and processing of data into useful information.
However, existing solutions (based, for example, on data warehouses, the OLAP mining technology) are not adequately efficient in many cases. The issue of flexibility and scalability is also important. In addition, for many companies, these tools prove to be too costly. Products with the QlikView trade mark do not have restrictions of this type.

Learn how to use this innovative solution in an intuitive way to enable your organization to achieve the expected benefits:

Key features of the QlikView Business Discovery platformShow

  • The ability to download source data from various sources: SAP, ORACLE, MICROSOFT, TERADATA and many other;

  • Teamwork in real time;

  • Extensive data visualization capabilities (2D and 3D charts, indicators and manager dashboards and many other);

  • Work on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.);

  • A revolutionary concept of using computer operating memory for data processing.

BI In-Memory: QlikViewShow

Decision making is a combination of certain personal characteristics, excellent access to source data and efficient tools for their processing. Such tools are provided by QlikTech – a world leader in the production of Business Analytics In-Memory systems. Its flagship product is currently QlikView Business Discovery, also present in our offer.

The QlikView Business Discovery Platform is the world’s first analytical tool based on In-Memory technology. Solutions of this type found in QlikView systems are based on the users’ computer operating memory, unlike as in the case of traditional Business Intelligence systems based on the OLAP technology. In-Memory tools enable the user to process relevant data on their own computer using its own computational power. Only the portion of the source data which is necessary to carry out analyses is loaded into the memory of this computer. The source is irrelevant: ERP, CRM, a dedicated application, social media, spreadsheets, etc. The QlikView system is able to retrieve source data from any transactional system in any format.

What’s more, with the applied technology and the implementation methodology, the time from purchasing the system to the first business results is much shorter than in the case of other Business Intelligence/Business Analytics solutions. Also the system maintenance costs are much lower than in the case of competing solutions.

Furthermore, users and IT specialists do not have to manage “manually” the relationships between data. Thus, companies and institutions that decide to purchase the QlikView platform can shorten the period of time from the preparation of an application model to the implementation of their analytical system and its subsequent development.

In the latter case, it is worth mentioning that QlikView tools are so designed that they can grow with the organization in which they are used with maintaining the continuity of their operation.

What makes the QlikView Business Discovery Platform unique?Show

  • Its own inference machine that automatically handles relationships between the source data;

  • Instant data aggregation;

  • Optimal utilization of processors enabled by excellent data compression mechanisms (up to 10% of the original size).

Examples of QlikView capabilitiesShow

Take a look at a series of presentations dedicated to:

  • Marketing campaigns;

  • Customer management;

  • Banking market;

  • Other functional areas in a company.

Qlik Demos

Benefits for businessShow

  • Easy identification of market trends and relationships;

  • The possibility of creating ad-hoc queries;

  • The possibility of teamwork;

  • Remote access, including access via mobile devices;

  • The possibility of searching for relationships between data using any words or phrases;

  • Intuitive and easy to use: access to analytical tools and the ability to create reports without the need to engage IT specialists (developers, analysts, etc.).

Benefits for ITShow

  • No need to create reports and answers to the most complex queries of business users;

  • No need to create data cubes and templates of Ad-Hoc queries;

  • Easier management of users and their access to data;

  • The ability to combine data from multiple sources;

  • Advanced options for retrieving data from source systems, data modeling;

  • Quick creation and change of visualization;

  • The possibility of creating extensions using QlikView Workbench (and the Microsoft Visual Studio® plug-in);

  • The ability to connect to portals and teamwork websites;

  • The ability to connect to a variety of applications and data sources.

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