More about Infor SyteLine ERP

Infor SyteLine ERP is a reliable ERP system designed for manufacturing companies that want to improve their productivity using best management practices and highly efficient information flow processes. Infor SyteLine enables you to monitor demand more accurately, to plan and carry out deliveries, and to track changes in the level of the company’s resources. Regardless of the complexity of a company’s distribution chain, SyteLine ERP allows you to react quicker to changes in your company’s environment (e.g. changes of demand, prices from suppliers), and to effectively manage inventory, revenues and costs in all areas of the company’s business operations.

Infor ERP SyteLine is a cornerstone of efforts to improve the effectiveness of customer service and to increase your company’s productivity. This system is ideal for manufacturing companies operating in such industries as mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, electronics, high-tech, wood and paper, metal industry and many other where discrete manufacturing is applied using such production organization methods like Just in Time or Kanban. It is equipped with a complete package of tools that streamline management, in the areas such as:

  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • Accounting and finance
  • CRM
  • Quality management
  • Inventory management
  • Plant maintenance.

It has been designed by specialists with over 25 years experience in working for manufacturing companies. As a result, Infor has created a solution that allows you to cope with the challenges faced by today’s manufacturers in various industries. Its implementation needs less effort and time, and it does not require an extensive hardware and programming environment or significant human resources in the IT department.

Global reachShow

For companies that are planning or are already carrying out an expansion abroad, the important features are multilingualism, multicurrency and compliance with the legal provisions of the country in which the system is used, or a global service network. Infor ERP SyteLine meets these requirements in 100%.


We live in the era of a mobile revolution, and therefore any ERP system should provide access to data from anywhere. A mobile access channel is important especially in logistics processes. SyteLine can be used online from anywhere, and specialized tools such as Warehouse Mobility in a warehouse allow for the expansion of this functionality and efficient exchange of data.

Ergonomics and interoperation with other solutionsShow

The concept of operation of the system has been designed to ensure the maximum comfort of work, especially when entering large amounts of data. The configuration of the user interface provides a lot of possibilities while maintaining simplicity and intuitiveness. All of this so that users can do as much as possible themselves, without involving IT specialists. Designed in the .NET technology, the Infor SyteLine ERP system runs in the Microsoft environment and has a number of tools for integration with MS Office, MS SharePoint, MS Project, and it can be operated directly in the application or through a web browser (IE, Chrome, FF Safari).

Key benefitsShow

Infor ERP SyteLine enables you to faster and better meet the needs of your customers. By choosing this system you can:

  • tailor the system to your production and business processes,

  • plan and create schedules for each order individually,

  • increase the precision of planning and simulation,

  • minimize the risk of errors,

  • rapidly start the fulfillment of emergency orders,

  • reduce the level of inventory and shortages,

  • increase customer satisfaction,

  • respond faster to market changes,

  • fulfill orders on time and budget,

  • increase the profitability of the entire company.

The above description shows only some of the features and capabilities of this solution.
If you are interested in additional details, please contact us.

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