Basic information about the company


Shareholders BPX SA on September 2015:

NO Specification  Number of shares Share in the capital Number of votes Share in votes
1 Bogusław Cieślak together with its subsidiary BPX Inc. Sp. z o.o. 18.854.063 92,57 % 18.854.063 92,57 %
3 Other shareholders 1.512.537 7,43 % 1.512.537 7,43 %
4 ALL TOGETHER 20366600 100 % 20366600 100 %

Description of the businessShow

The company was formed in 2006. Only after two years BPX became an important player on the software market being mainly orientated for medium-sized companies.
In the next few years there was a dynamic increase in both, sales and employment. While holding a stable position in the European market, BPX has opportunities to take part in even more ambitious implementations obtaining not only new, but unique experience while also further developing trust among customers and partners.
The next step which confirmed the company’s systematic and stable development was the Warsaw Stock Exchange debut. Since January 2014, after structural ownership changes, BPX S.A. was listed on the Warsaw’s NewConnect market.

BPX S.A. specializes in improving management processes, using ERP systems and Business Intelligence.

We offer consulting services relating to the use of information systems, implementation of management systems, services related to the development and maintenance of these systems  as well as the wide range of business consulting. We provide services directly to customers who deploy and extract computing- systems, as well as a cooperation with the largest consulting firms in large and complex projects.
In our product portfolio there is both ERP systems (SAP and Infor), as well as modern Business Discovery systems, based on the in memory – QlikView technology.

We invite you to acquaint yourself with the company’s development plans in the coming years

Management Board and Supervisory BoardShow


Anna Saczuk – Chairman of the Board
Michał Wierzbowski – Member of the Board

On 12.03.2014 was appointed new Supervisory Board in which there are:

Bogusław Cieślak – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Tomasz Chudzikowski – Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Jarosław Kuśnierz – member of the Supervisory Board
Bianka Kunicka-Chudzikowska – member of the Supervisory Board
Maciej Wiśniewski – member of the Supervisory Board

SAP All-in-One

Qlik Sense

Infor SyteLine ERP